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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oedipus first say to Jocasta, after questioning the messenger about Polybus' death?
(a) He says he must immediately leave for Corinth to see his mother.
(b) He wonders why anyone would pay homage to Apollo's prophets.
(c) He regrets that he left his home in Corinth without reason.
(d) He says that this foretells a new era of prosperity in Thebes.

2. Who does the chorus think can help end the conflict between Creon and Oedipus?
(a) Apollo
(b) Teiresias
(c) the oracle
(d) Jocasta

3. In the encounter between Oedipus and the stranger in the carriage, what was the initial violent act?
(a) The herald struck Oedipus with his sword.
(b) The stranger whipped Oedipus.
(c) Oedipus whipped the stranger.
(d) The stranger struck Oedipus with his sword.

4. Why does Oedipus say he must remain afraid?
(a) because the prophecy will probably be fulfilled in some surprising way
(b) because they have no proof of what the messenger says
(c) because the prophets speak for the gods
(d) because his mother is still alive

5. What does Jocasta ask Oedipus to do regarding her brother?
(a) trust that Creon is telling the truth
(b) make her responsible for Creon
(c) hold Creon in prison until he can discover the truth
(d) send Creon away instead of killing him

6. What gives Oedipus hope that he did not kill Laius?
(a) The survivor may see Oedipus's face and be able to identify that he's not the killer.
(b) The survivor reported being attacked by a band of thieves, not one man.
(c) The murder seems to have taken place at a different time than Oedipus remembers.
(d) The description of the carriage does not match the one Oedipus remembers.

7. What does the chorus leader say he does not know about Oedipus'scharges against Creon?
(a) Oedipus's steadiness and state of mind when making the charges
(b) whether Teiresias was there when Oedipus made the charges
(c) what charges Oedipus made against Creon
(d) whether Creon understand the charges Oedipus made

8. What does Jocasta question the chorus about, after Creon leaves?
(a) the interview between Oedipus and Teiresias
(b) the state of the farms and the townspeople
(c) what happened between Oedipus and Creon
(d) the progress toward finding Laius's murderer

9. What does Jocasta chide Oedipus and Creon for?
(a) fighting when the town's in trouble
(b) not listening to each other
(c) not listening to the oracle
(d) making the gods upset

10. What does Oedipus say the chorus' position will result in?
(a) Creon becoming a tyrannt
(b) Oedipus' exile or death
(c) destruction of Thebes
(d) war with Corinth

11. Does the messenger identify the shepherd as the man he mentioned earlier?
(a) Yes, but the messenger must question the shepherd before being certain.
(b) No, the messenger doesn't think he's the same man.
(c) Yes, the messenger identifies him easily.
(d) No, the messenger knows it's him but won't identify him.

12. Where did the old shepherd grow up?
(a) in Corinth
(b) in a poor house in Thebes
(c) in a distant village
(d) in Laius' house

13. What does Oedipus do when the messenger questions him about the prophecy that drove Oedipus away from his parents?
(a) Oedipus tells the messenger the prophecy.
(b) Oedipus tells the messenger to ask the prophet about it.
(c) Oedipus tells the messenger he has no right to know the prophecy.
(d) Oedipus tells the messenger he has no wish to repeat the prophecy, or think about it.

14. What does Jocasta advise Oedipus about his fears?
(a) to accept the prophecy, since he can't change the future
(b) to act to try to fulfill the prophecy
(c) to act to try to avoid the prophecy
(d) to ignore prophecies and live life as best he can

15. Who is with the approaching shepherd?
(a) no one
(b) servants of Oedipus
(c) Teiresias
(d) a priest of Apollo

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Creon deny that he has a desire to do?

2. Where did the messenger find the infant Oedipus?

3. What is Jocasta's answer, when Oedipus asks how tall and old Laius was?

4. What made Oedipus angry, when he encountered the stranger's carriage on the road?

5. Who first sees the old shepherd approaching?

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