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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the chorus leader tell Oedipus about the murderer?
(a) that the murderer likely had nothing to do with Thebes
(b) that he is not the murderer and doesn't know who the murderer is
(c) that he suspects who the murderer is but doesn't know
(d) that he doesn't want to know who the murderer is

2. What does Creon say of the news he brings?
(a) It's both good and bad news.
(b) It's hard to interpret if it's good or bad.
(c) It's good news.
(d) It's bad news.

3. How does Teiresias respond when Oedipus says the prophet speaks in riddles?
(a) that life is a riddle
(b) that Oedipus is good at solving riddles
(c) that Oedipus will wish this riddle were never solved
(d) that the truth is as complex as a riddle

4. What does Oedipus first say to Creon as he approaches?
(a) He asks why Creon looks so strange.
(b) He asks what message the gods sent.
(c) He asks who Creon has spoken to.
(d) He asks why Creon is so late.

5. What does Oedipus call the people of Thebes?
(a) his creations
(b) the gods' children
(c) the gods' creations
(d) his children

6. What does Creon say stopped the city from looking into the king's death?
(a) a war with Corinth
(b) a storm that destroyed the town
(c) trouble with the Sphinx
(d) a plague on the crops

7. How is the tale of Oedipus and the Sphinx treated in the town?
(a) Oedipus constantly forces the town to hear the story again.
(b) People only remember the story in times of trouble.
(c) People still tell the story of Oedipus and the Sphinx.
(d) People have already forgotten what Oedipus has done for them.

8. Where has Oedipus sent Creon?
(a) to wander the wilderness
(b) to the kingdom of Corinth
(c) to Zeus's oracle
(d) to Apollo's shrine

9. What course of action does the chorus leader suggest Oedipus should take?
(a) search every house in the city
(b) look inside his own palace
(c) consult the prophet Teiresias
(d) send another emissary to Delphi

10. Who does Teiresias say he was "wise enough" to?
(a) Creon
(b) Oedipus' parents
(c) the gods
(d) Apollo

11. What does Teiresias say about the murderer's eyesight?
(a) that he can see but not the past
(b) that he can see but not the future
(c) that he can see but not himself
(d) that he can see but will be blind

12. At the beginning of the play, where have the townspeople gathered?
(a) at the oracle
(b) in the forest
(c) in front of the palace
(d) in a shrine

13. Why does the priest say they've come to Oedipus?
(a) because he's the first among men
(b) because he's a god to the town
(c) because he's the one they all blame
(d) because he's got the power of wealth

14. What does Oedipus wish for himself, if he unknowingly hosted the murderer at his home?
(a) all the bad things he wished upon the murderer
(b) to be ripped from his land and family
(c) eternal damnation
(d) a life of solitude and sobriety

15. What does the chorus say about human prophets?
(a) Human prophets are the same as the gods and priests.
(b) Human prophets are always wrong.
(c) It's impossible to tell if human prophets have real knowledge beyond the everyday.
(d) Human prophets have human motivations.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Oedipus' attitude toward Teiresias when he first speaks to the prophet?

2. Where does Creon say Laius was when he was killed?

3. Who leads Teiresias into Oedipus' presence?

4. What does Oedipus accuse Creon of?

5. How does Creon's face look as he approaches?

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