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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before he leaves, what does Oedipus say will happen?
(a) Either the murderer will be caught and punished, or else they will all be ruined.
(b) The gods will decide the outcome, and the murderer's fate is in their hands.
(c) The whole town, and Oedipus himself, will definitely be ruined.
(d) The murderer will definitely be caught and punished.

2. What is Oedipus' initial attitude toward the crowd that has gathered?
(a) caring and helpful
(b) critical and derisive
(c) angry and annoyed
(d) overjoyed and cheerful

3. What does Teiresias answer when Oedipus asks the identity of his father?
(a) That Oedipus has two fathers.
(b) That Oedipus will be better off not knowing.
(c) That Oedipus truly knows who his father is.
(d) That it will be revealed today and destroy Oedipus.

4. What does Teiresias say Oedipus doesn't know?
(a) the name of the murderer
(b) the power of prophecy
(c) the true wishes of the gods
(d) the family he's come from

5. How does Teiresias respond when Oedipus says the prophet speaks in riddles?
(a) that life is a riddle
(b) that Oedipus will wish this riddle were never solved
(c) that the truth is as complex as a riddle
(d) that Oedipus is good at solving riddles

6. What reason does Teiresias give for not answering Oedipus' questions?
(a) He isn't sure about what he knows.
(b) He knows the truth, but the gods have told him not to say.
(c) He doesn't want to cause them both grief.
(d) He does not believe his own visions.

7. What is Creon wearing on his head as he approaches the town?
(a) a chain of daisies
(b) a crown
(c) a laurel wreath
(d) a hood

8. What course of action does the chorus leader suggest Oedipus should take?
(a) look inside his own palace
(b) search every house in the city
(c) send another emissary to Delphi
(d) consult the prophet Teiresias

9. What does Teiresias say about the murderer's financial condition?
(a) that he is rich with wealth but not love
(b) that he is rich but not in spirit
(c) that he is rich but will be poor
(d) that he is rich but cannot buy contentment

10. What does Oedipus ask of the citizens of Thebes?
(a) He orders them to go to the shrines and give offerings to the gods.
(b) He orders them to hold a great celebration in the town.
(c) He orders them to reveal the murderer, if they know who he is.
(d) He orders them to gather together and stay in their houses.

11. What does Teiresias say makes him strong?
(a) the gods
(b) his powers
(c) the truth
(d) anger

12. What does Oedipus ask Teiresias to do, after Teiresias says Oedipus is the murderer?
(a) fall on his knees and pray
(b) repeat what he's said
(c) leave Thebes immediately
(d) fight him

13. How does Creon's face look as he approaches?
(a) happy
(b) sad
(c) angry
(d) nonexpressive

14. Who does the priest ask to come as the people's savior?
(a) Laius
(b) Creon
(c) Phoebus
(d) Oedipus

15. Why does Oedipus say he's not punishing Teiresias?
(a) because clearly no one will believe Teiresias
(b) because of Teiresias' age
(c) because of Teiresias's stature in the community
(d) because he believes Teiresias is Creon's pawn

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Oedipus accuse Creon of?

2. What does the priest say that Oedipus will be king of, if he doesn't solve the town's problems?

3. What does Oedipus say he's been doing in his sorrow?

4. What does Teiresias say about the murderer's eyesight?

5. What does Oedipus first say to Creon as he approaches?

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