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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Creon say stopped the city from looking into the king's death?
(a) a plague on the crops
(b) a war with Corinth
(c) trouble with the Sphinx
(d) a storm that destroyed the town

2. Who leads Teiresias into Oedipus' presence?
(a) Creon
(b) the chorus leader
(c) a small boy
(d) Jocasta

3. Who does the chorus leader say should reveal the murderer?
(a) Oedipus
(b) Apollo
(c) Creon
(d) Laius

4. What reason does Teiresias give for not answering Oedipus' questions?
(a) He knows the truth, but the gods have told him not to say.
(b) He does not believe his own visions.
(c) He isn't sure about what he knows.
(d) He doesn't want to cause them both grief.

5. Where does Creon say Laius was when he was killed?
(a) on the way to visit a nearby shepherd
(b) on an ocean voyage
(c) on the road to Delphi
(d) in the palace

6. Why does Oedipus ask Creon to speak in front of the townspeople?
(a) Oedipus wants to show Creon that he's not afraid.
(b) Oedipus wants to show the townspeople he's not afraid.
(c) Oedipus feels more for the townspeople than for his own life.
(d) Oedipus wants the townspeople to become used to Creon's voice.

7. What does Creon say about Laius' companions when he was killed?
(a) They all ran away.
(b) The king was alone.
(c) They were all killed.
(d) They were all killed but one, who ran away.

8. What does Oedipus first say to Creon as he approaches?
(a) He asks what message the gods sent.
(b) He asks why Creon looks so strange.
(c) He asks why Creon is so late.
(d) He asks who Creon has spoken to.

9. What does the chorus say about human prophets?
(a) Human prophets have human motivations.
(b) Human prophets are the same as the gods and priests.
(c) Human prophets are always wrong.
(d) It's impossible to tell if human prophets have real knowledge beyond the everyday.

10. What does the chorus leader rebuke both Oedipus and Teiresias for?
(a) being angry and quarrelling instead of finding the murderer
(b) not talking with Creon
(c) not listening to each other and talking at cross purposes
(d) not talking with Jocasta

11. Where does Creon say the murderer of Lauis is?
(a) on the nearby mountain
(b) hiding in the countryside
(c) in Thebes
(d) in Corinth

12. Who does Teiresias say he was "wise enough" to?
(a) the gods
(b) Apollo
(c) Oedipus' parents
(d) Creon

13. Who does Teiresias say he serves?
(a) Apollo
(b) Oedipus
(c) Zeus
(d) Creon

14. What does Teiresias believe about future events?
(a) They can be stopped by his silence.
(b) They are for the best.
(c) He cannot change them.
(d) They can be stopped but only by Oedipus.

15. Where are the townspeople who are not gathered to speak with Oedipus?
(a) in the fields, trying to cure the diseases
(b) in their graves
(c) at home, caring for the sick
(d) at the gods' shrines asking for help

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Oedipus call the people of Thebes?

2. Who does the priest ask to come as the people's savior?

3. What is Creon's relationship to Oedipus?

4. What does Teiresias say about the murderer's eyesight?

5. What does Oedipus ask Teiresias to do, after Teiresias says Oedipus is the murderer?

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