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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Oedipus' parent say about the accusation that Oedipus was not their son?
(a) Oedipus's father denied it, but his mother admitted it.
(b) They were angry, calling it an insult.
(c) They said it was untrue, but they seemed to be lying.
(d) They told Oedipus that it was true.

2. What does Jocasta say before she leaves?
(a) that she'll join Laius
(b) that she'll never speak again
(c) that she'll run away from Oedipus
(d) that she'll never see Thebes again

3. How has Teiresias' pronouncement made the chorus feel?
(a) sorrowful
(b) angry
(c) fearful
(d) irritated

4. Who does the chorus leader say should reveal the murderer?
(a) Laius
(b) Oedipus
(c) Apollo
(d) Creon

5. What does Oedipus ask, when Jocasta tells Oedipus the messenger's news?
(a) He asks a servant to bring Creon to him.
(b) He asks the messenger to tell him the news himself.
(c) He asks Jocasta to leave him and go to the palace.
(d) He asks a servant to bring Teiresias to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Oedipus wish for himself, if he unknowingly hosted the murderer at his home?

2. What does Oedipus say that he still fears, after hearing the news of Polybus' death?

3. When Creon turns the tables and begins questioning Oedipus, what is the first question he asks?

4. What does Oedipus ask Teiresias to do, after Teiresias says Oedipus is the murderer?

5. According to Creon, who does a witness say killed Laius?

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