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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the priest say they've come to Oedipus?
(a) because he's the one they all blame
(b) because he's got the power of wealth
(c) because he's the first among men
(d) because he's a god to the town

2. Why does Oedipus say he's not punishing Teiresias?
(a) because he believes Teiresias is Creon's pawn
(b) because clearly no one will believe Teiresias
(c) because of Teiresias' age
(d) because of Teiresias's stature in the community

3. How does Creon's face look as he approaches?
(a) happy
(b) angry
(c) nonexpressive
(d) sad

4. What does Teiresias say about the murderer's financial condition?
(a) that he is rich but cannot buy contentment
(b) that he is rich with wealth but not love
(c) that he is rich but will be poor
(d) that he is rich but not in spirit

5. What does Teiresias say Oedipus doesn't know?
(a) the true wishes of the gods
(b) the family he's come from
(c) the name of the murderer
(d) the power of prophecy

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Oedipus say his sorrow is greater than the townspeople?

2. What is Oedipus' initial attitude toward the crowd that has gathered?

3. How does Teiresias respond when Oedipus says the prophet speaks in riddles?

4. What does Oedipus say about the fact that Laius' death wasn't looked into before?

5. What does Teiresias believe about future events?

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