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Poster of Teiresias

Make a poster representing the blind prophet Teiresias. Fill the poster with as much information and as many representations of Teiresias as you can. Use text, pictures from the Internet or magazines, drawings, paper cut-outs, or any other decorations you can think of.

Shrine to a god

Make up your own Greek god, and make a shrine to that god. Your shrine can be a drawing, a collection of pictures from the Internet or magazines, or a 3-dimensional model. Write one paragraph explaining who your god is and what the elements of the shrine represent.

The Classroom Chorus

The chorus in a Greek play represents a group of people. Write a 1-page song for a chorus representing the class, letting the teacher know the class' thoughts and feelings about an important classroom issue.

An Offering of Supplication

Bring to class an offering of supplication to...

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