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Scene 1

• The people of Thebes appeal to their king, Oedipus, to stop the plague that has come on the land.
• Oedipus tells the people that he's sent Creon to the Oracle of Delphi to find out what he needs to do to stop the plague.
• Creon returns and tells Oedipus that, to stop the plague, he needs to find and punish the murderer of Laius, the former king.
• Creon tells Oedipus there was one survivor from Laius' party, most of whom were killed on the road to Delphi, and the survivor said Laius was killed by a band of robbers.
• After Laius' death, Thebes was too concerned by the plague of the Sphinx monster to investigate the death properly; Oedipus defeated the Sphinx, married Laius' wife, and took over the kingdom of Thebes.
• Oedipus swears to find the murderer of Laius and free Thebes from the plague.

Scene 2

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