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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of weapon does the KGB have for their mission?

2. What new weapon is Bond trying out in the beginning of "The Living Daylights"?

3. What is the original title of "007 in New York"?

4. What is the corporal friend's job in connection with Bond's mission?

5. What is Bond's first observation of the crossing site?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bond spend his first free afternoon? How does virtue triumph in this situation?

2. Why does Bond prefer the auto firm that he uses in New York? What is the major benefit for his current situation in New York?

3. What are the purposes of the women's orchestra? Why do they visit the municipal building every night the week Bond has his mission?

4. How are the Americans involved in Bond's mission? What is their reaction and concern?

5. Why does Fleming have two people involved in Bond's mission? What is Captain Sender's role?

6. Bond assumes his shot scares the living daylights out of Trigger. How is this a dangerous assumption and one that is not good for Bond?

7. For whom and why does Ian Fleming write "007 in New York"?

8. Describe M as he gives an assignment that involves murder. How does this show his feelings in regards to his men?

9. Explain Bond's internal relationship with the cello player before he discovers the truth. How does this affect him?

10. Why does Bond fail to kill Trigger despite his perfect aim at the shooting range?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Smythe is given numerous options of possible ways to die, yet Fleming writes him a bizarre death. What is Fleming's purpose in having Smythe die the way he does?

Essay Topic 2

Bond is given a range of assignments that does not always include a tangible weapon but he still manages to get what he wants. Find examples in each of the story of how Bond uses a variety of weapons to get what he needs. Consider more than just tangible objects. For example, the cello player uses her femininity as a weapon to save her own death even without knowing it.

Essay Topic 3

Describe Miss Freudenstein and how she becomes a double agent. What is her role and why does she do it? What possible reasons does she go against her own mother's fight?

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