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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bond feel about Snowman by the end of his visit to Wartski's?

2. What causes Bond to reach for a gun while he sits in his office?

3. What is Bond hoping for to affirm his suspicions of who the Russian Control is?

4. What practical use does the Emerald Sphere serve?

5. How does Bond feel about Freudenstein?

Short Essay Questions

1. Bond is not a major character in Octopussy and his role is very minor compared to his usual services for the British Secret Service. How and why does he enter Smythe's life?

2. Describe the atmosphere of Sotheby's, the night of the auction of the Emerald Sphere? What are the rooms and people like?

3. Why does Bond visit Kenneth Snowman and is his visit successful?

4. As Smythe ponders his decision to either return to England or end his life, he remembers his social plans of the night. Why does this routine cheer Smythe up all of a sudden, despite his dislike for his daily life?

5. Describe the Emerald Sphere and why it is so revered amongst jewelers.

6. In what way does Smythe lead his life? Is it successful or a failure?

7. Describe how Bond and Smythe are careful about their word choice and speech as they speak about Smythe's service in WWII.

8. Bond attempts to identify the Russian spy, even before Lot 42 is exhibited. What does he do to prepare himself and what works against him?

9. Although Bond is there to return Smythe to England, how does Bond show mercy towards the man?

10. What significance is it to the British government to know that the KGB wants to pay Freudenstein?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does greed and the prospect of fame do to Smythe? How do these opportunities influence Smythe's life? What does it say about his character?

Essay Topic 2

Smythe is given numerous options of possible ways to die, yet Fleming writes him a bizarre death. What is Fleming's purpose in having Smythe die the way he does?

Essay Topic 3

There are many secrets in the Double O espionage world. Write an essay on trust between the agents and who they meet. How is trust affected in their personal and professional lives? What must Bond always be aware of? How is this shown throughout his assignments?

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