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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Smythe look for on his map?
(a) Munich.
(b) Buchenwald.
(c) Oberammer.
(d) Franziskaner Halt.

2. What is Bond's mood as the auction for Lot 42 starts to wind down?
(a) Angry at himself for not seeing the signal.
(b) Nervous that M is angry if he fails in this assignment.
(c) Nervous because he does not seen a signal.
(d) Assured and excited he finds out who the Russian Control is.

3. What is Smythe preparing for since his arrival to the West Indies?
(a) Oberhauser's family to find him.
(b) A plan B that allows escape and comfortable retirement elsewhere.
(c) A questioning, such as the one Bond is giving him.
(d) A chance to leave the military past and enter the world of marine science.

4. What famous artist is responsible for making the art piece Dr. Fanshawe mentions?
(a) Fabergé.
(b) Piotr.
(c) Freudenstein's grandfather.
(d) Snowman.

5. What tactic is used to raise a Lot's price during an auction?
(a) Telling the auctioneer ahead of time a buyer's interest and price range.
(b) False signals.
(c) Using an under-bidder.
(d) When the lead buyer looks to see who is bidding against him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Wartski's storefront can be described as __________.

2. What department does Bond work for?

3. How does Bond feel about Freudenstein?

4. What idea does Bond get in regards to Russia's local Control in London?

5. What does Smythe expect to get from the contents of the ammunition box?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Bond and Smythe are careful about their word choice and speech as they speak about Smythe's service in WWII.

2. According to Fleming, describe the four types of drunk in which Smythe falls into.

3. Describe the Emerald Sphere and why it is so revered amongst jewelers.

4. Freudenstein works in London with the Purple Cipher. Describe Freudenstein's role in the espionage world.

5. Bond attempts to identify the Russian spy, even before Lot 42 is exhibited. What does he do to prepare himself and what works against him?

6. When Bond visits Smythe, Bond does not reveal his true intentions immediately. However, Smythe's first thoughts are "They have... found out." What does he mean by "they" and what does this mean about his expectations of this visit?

7. Smythe realizes the scorpion fish pricks him. What does Smythe concern himself with in the last minutes of his life? Why?

8. Bond is not a major character in Octopussy and his role is very minor compared to his usual services for the British Secret Service. How and why does he enter Smythe's life?

9. As Smythe ponders his decision to either return to England or end his life, he remembers his social plans of the night. Why does this routine cheer Smythe up all of a sudden, despite his dislike for his daily life?

10. How does Bond show that he loves and thrives off drama? Give examples from "The Property of a Lady".

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