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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Smythe do with the paper that catches his eye?
(a) Get a transalator to read it then keeps it.
(b) Read it and then carefully keep it in his inside pocket.
(c) Burn it after reading.
(d) Hand it over to the Colonel.

2. About how much is the expected art piece worth?
(a) ~ 100,000 British pounds.
(b) ~ 10,000 British pounds.
(c) ~ 50,000 British pounds.
(d) ~ 1,000,000 British pounds.

3. What common theme do all the Lots of the auction have?
(a) They are all paintings.
(b) They are all jewelry.
(c) They are all British artists.
(d) They are all by Russian artists.

4. What is Freudenstein's maternal history that helps her gain British trust?
(a) Her grandmother is friends with Churchill.
(b) Her mother participates in the resistance against the Revolution.
(c) Her mother works for the British secret service.
(d) Her mother is English.

5. What possible danger is there if M increases the Purple Cipher's level of deception?
(a) KGB finds the truth about its false messages.
(b) KGB kill Britain's double agent.
(c) Freudenstein figures it out and deceive Britain in return.
(d) The KGB send a second spy while keeping the first as a decoy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bond is trying to identify the Russian Control at Sotheby's. What is the most difficult part in identifying the Russian Control?

2. What does Smythe look for on his map?

3. What gives away Wartski's notable stature?

4. Tired of playing mind games, what does Bond offer Smythe?

5. What is so important about the cairn?

Short Essay Questions

1. Signaling a bid can take many forms. What sly way does the under-bidder communicate with Peter Wilson during the auction of the Emerald Sphere? How is this harder to detect?

2. Smythe arrests Oberhauser for false reasons and kills him. For years Smythe gets away with it. What does this say about events of WWII and its scary truth?

3. Describe the Emerald Sphere and why it is so revered amongst jewelers.

4. What kind of relationship must Bond always have when he meets new people? Why?

5. Explain persona non grata and how its declaration of Piotr Malinowksi helps the United Kingdom.

6. According to Fleming, describe the four types of drunk in which Smythe falls into.

7. When Bond visits Smythe, Bond does not reveal his true intentions immediately. However, Smythe's first thoughts are "They have... found out." What does he mean by "they" and what does this mean about his expectations of this visit?

8. Smythe realizes the scorpion fish pricks him. What does Smythe concern himself with in the last minutes of his life? Why?

9. Describe how Peter Wilson, the auctioneer helps set the tone and conduct of the auction?

10. In what way does Smythe lead his life? Is it successful or a failure?

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