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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Fanshawe focus his eyes on as he speaks with Bond?
(a) The painting behind Bond.
(b) Over Bond's shoulder.
(c) Bond's cuff links.
(d) Bond's boots.

2. What happens over time as Smythe spends his retirement in the Caribbean?
(a) Everyday, he sees the guilt in his crime with his lifestyle.
(b) He becomes a drunkard who lets himself go.
(c) He forgets about his crimes and lives a life of ease working at the Institute.
(d) He becomes happier and more at ease with the tropical weather.

3. What is Smythe's morning routine by 10:30 A.M.?
(a) Feed the fishes.
(b) Exercise.
(c) Have an alcoholic drink.
(d) Go fishing.

4. What causes the octopus to get excited as Smythe gets closer to him?
(a) The smell of the fresh scorpion fish.
(b) Smythe's call.
(c) The smell of Smythe's blood.
(d) The smell of the scorpion fish's poison.

5. What kind of information does the catalogue give about the Lots?
(a) A description of the Lot and its history.
(b) How each Lot comes into Sotheby's hands.
(c) What the minimum bidding price is set at.
(d) Who currently owns it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Miss Freudenstein's role with the British Secret Service?

2. What marking is on the contents of the ammunition box?

3. Wartski's storefront can be described as __________.

4. What is Bond hoping for to affirm his suspicions of who the Russian Control is?

5. What causes Bond to reach for a gun while he sits in his office?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Bond visits Smythe, Bond does not reveal his true intentions immediately. However, Smythe's first thoughts are "They have... found out." What does he mean by "they" and what does this mean about his expectations of this visit?

2. During Smythe and Bond's talk in the living room, Smythe is slightly more relaxed to know that Bond smokes cigarettes. Why does Smythe feel this way?

3. Why does the KGB go through troubles of sending an expensive jewelry piece with a fake provenance, rather than pay a large sum to their double agent?

4. Smythe likes to swim and feed the fishes and octopus around his villa. Describe his relationship with the sea animals by his beach.

5. Although Bond is there to return Smythe to England, how does Bond show mercy towards the man?

6. Smythe considers court martial or committing suicide. Why is it better or worse if he decides one over the other?

7. Describe how Peter Wilson, the auctioneer helps set the tone and conduct of the auction?

8. Bond attempts to identify the Russian spy, even before Lot 42 is exhibited. What does he do to prepare himself and what works against him?

9. In what way does Smythe lead his life? Is it successful or a failure?

10. Smythe expresses boredom with his life in Jamaica, yet he does little to change it. What stops Smythe from doing more with his boredom?

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