Octopussy Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Smythe expresses boredom with his life in Jamaica, yet he does little to change it. What stops Smythe from doing more with his boredom?

Although Smythe expresses boredom with his life of socializing with the same people in the same scene daily, to change it means there has to be action. Smythe is too far down as a drunk and sloth to change anything that takes energy from him. Even though Smythe likes to see a little change, he loses his purpose in life and sees no motivation.

2. According to Fleming, describe the four types of drunk in which Smythe falls into.

Fleming categorizes drunks into four types. The Sanguine is the one who gets overly happy to the point of idiocy. The Phlegmatic is the one who suddenly gets into a bout of sullen gloom. The Choleric gets angry and causes trouble. The last is the Melancholic who best describes Major Dexter Smythe. The Melancholic is the drunk that wallows in self-pity and tears.

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