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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Octopussy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Smythe's villa name so fitting?
(a) He's a fan of octopusses.
(b) It's right on the beach.
(c) It's extravagant.
(d) It's small.

2. What does Smythe miss, despite his frustration when it happens?
(a) His "people's" aggressive behavior.
(b) "Pussy's" grabbing.
(c) Mary's nagging.
(d) Dr. Greave's nagging.

3. What is Smythe preparing for since his arrival to the West Indies?
(a) A questioning, such as the one Bond is giving him.
(b) A chance to leave the military past and enter the world of marine science.
(c) Oberhauser's family to find him.
(d) A plan B that allows escape and comfortable retirement elsewhere.

4. Who are Smythe's "people"?
(a) The employees at his home.
(b) Corals.
(c) Reef fishes.
(d) The socialites he consorts with.

5. What trouble does the ammunition box give Smythe?
(a) Its heavy weight.
(b) It's lack of a handle.
(c) It's awkward shape.
(d) It's tight lock.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Smythe's initial reaction when he realizes Bond's purpose of visit?

2. What categorical drunk does Fleming group Smythe?

3. What names does Bond mention that worries Smythe his time is up?

4. What is Bond's personal connection to Smythe's crime?

5. What does Dr. Greaves ration Smythe's vices to?

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