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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Living Daylights.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reassures Snowman that Bond is someone he can like?
(a) Bond telss Snowman the truth immediately without mind games.
(b) Bond's knowledge of Old Russia.
(c) Bond's knowledge of the pieces of work on display.
(d) Bond's ability to speak Russian.

2. Against only what other art is the Emerald Sphere compared to?
(a) The Great Imperial Crown.
(b) The Orb of Vertu.
(c) The Russian Crown Jewels.
(d) The Imperial Easter Eggs.

3. What names does Bond mention that worries Smythe his time is up?
(a) Gestapo and MOB.
(b) Mary and Dr. Greaves.
(c) Tyrol and Ober Aucher.
(d) Reichsbank and Oberhauser.

4. What possible danger is there if M increases the Purple Cipher's level of deception?
(a) The KGB send a second spy while keeping the first as a decoy.
(b) KGB kill Britain's double agent.
(c) KGB finds the truth about its false messages.
(d) Freudenstein figures it out and deceive Britain in return.

5. What is Smythe's morning routine by 10:30 A.M.?
(a) Exercise.
(b) Have an alcoholic drink.
(c) Feed the fishes.
(d) Go fishing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tired of playing mind games, what does Bond offer Smythe?

2. During the end of Smythe's service, what are most of the files he is in charge of about?

3. Where does Smythe live?

4. What is Dr. Fanshawe's expertise in?

5. Bond is trying to identify the Russian Control at Sotheby's. What is the most difficult part in identifying the Russian Control?

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