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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Living Daylights.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the out of ordinary event at Haus der Ministerien?
(a) The man that tinkers with a loud car in its parking lot.
(b) All the lit windows.
(c) The time a few of the staff enter and exit the building.
(d) The women's orchestra.

2. How do scorpion fish hide?
(a) They camouflage with coral and seaweed.
(b) They only come out at night.
(c) They hide in coral nooks and crannies.
(d) They bury themselves under sand.

3. What possible danger is there if M increases the Purple Cipher's level of deception?
(a) KGB kill Britain's double agent.
(b) KGB finds the truth about its false messages.
(c) Freudenstein figures it out and deceive Britain in return.
(d) The KGB send a second spy while keeping the first as a decoy.

4. What is M's attitude when Bond meets with him?
(a) Overly concerned.
(b) Too calm.
(c) Unfocused.
(d) Terse.

5. Who is Major Dexter Smythe talking to in the introduction of the story Octopussy?
(a) Reef fishes.
(b) His "people".
(c) An octopus.
(d) A scorpion fish.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Greaves ration Smythe's vices to?

2. What are the conditions as Bond tests his weapon?

3. In addition to Bond, who else is at Sotheby's to capture evidence of the Russian Control?

4. What does the Chief Range Officer invite Bond to?

5. What disappoints Bond at the auction?

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