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Wavelets (Octopussy)

This is a small villa where an ex-officer of the Secret Service retires in Jamaica.

Kingston, Jamaica (Octopussy)

This is the city where an ex-Secret Service officer of Great Britain retires.

Octopus (Octopussy)

This hides in caves and only shows a part of itself when it tastes something.

Scorpion Fish (Octopussy)

This poisons it's hunter.

Reef Fish (Octopussy)

These are the only friends of a retired ex-Secret Service officer that are used to feedings from the officer.

Miscellaneous Objectives Bureau (MOB) (Octopussy)

This is a group in the British Secret Service whose job is to clean up Gestapo and Abwehr hideouts.

Ober Aurach (Kitzbuhl) (Octopussy)

This is the site where Gestapo hideouts are searched by Great Britain's Secret Service men.

Franziskaner Halt (Octopussy)

This is the site where an ammunition box with a treasure is hidden.

Webley & Scott Revolver (Octopussy)

This object is used to kill...

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