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Lesson 1 (from Octopussy)


Smythe shows greed when he sees an opportunity for hidden gold. The objective is to analyze greed and what it can do to a person such as Smythe.


1- Pair Share: In partners, write a list of activities that show Smythe's greed for anything. Examples are his actions for gold, his lifestyle, drink, etc.

2- Groups: In small groups, discuss how Smythe's greed causes him to do certain things. What does he do because of greed? Are these things he does do anyway? How does greed make him blind to some things? What are some things Smythe is blind to because of greed for something else?

3- Class Discussion: As a class, discuss the consequences of Smythe's greed. Are these inevitable? Are they preventable? How does Smythe react to these consequences? Does he care? Is there a show of remorse or regret?

4- Homework: Write...

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