Octopussy Character Descriptions

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James Bond - This person is a an agent for the Secret Service of Great Britain who likes to travel as a first class citizen.

Major Dexter Smythe (Octopussy) - This person is part of the Secret Service for Great Britain during WWII and retires in Jamaica with a secret criminal past.

Maria Freudenstein (The Property of a Lady) - This person is a double agent for the KGB who works in London coding messages to the United States.

The Cello Player (The Living Daylights) - This person is a sniper for the KGB who has a mission in East Berlin.

Solange (007 in New York) - This person works at Abercrombie's in New York and likes jazz music.

Hannes Oberhauser (Octopussy) - This person is an innocent German who is murdered after his services as a deceived mountain guide.

Mary Smythe neé Parnell (Octopussy) - This person...

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