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Chapter Abstracts


• Major Dexter Smythe is diving in the waters of Jamaica looking for a scorpion fish to feed an octopus.

• Smythe recalls events of earlier in the day.

• Earlier in the day, James Bond visits Smythe at his villa, the Wavelets.

• In the living room, Bond asks Smythe about his work at the end of WWII at Tyrol.

• Smythe knows he commits a crime there, but pretends his time at Tyrol is innocent.

• Bond gives enough information to let Smythe know he cannot get away with it and gives him time to think over his confession.

• As Bond waits in the garden, Smythe recalls his time in Germany after its surrender.

• Smythe is made temporary Lieutenant-Colonel of Group A as part of the Miscellaneous Objects Bureau.

• Smythe is stationed in Ober Aurach and is given papers to look over.

• One of the envelopes has instructions to gold bars...

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