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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Marie eating when she begins to cry?
(a) Cake.
(b) Warm bread.
(c) Apricot rolls.
(d) Stuffing.

2. Why does Carl tell Alexandra he has to go away?
(a) To give her freedom.
(b) To find freedom for himself.
(c) To find someone to love.
(d) To prove himself.

3. What is the name of Alexandra's personal servant?
(a) Salvia.
(b) Selia.
(c) Sonia.
(d) Signa.

4. Whom does Alexandra say made her grandfather crooked?
(a) A woman.
(b) Greed.
(c) Poverty.
(d) A severed friendship.

5. Why will Alexandra never permanently leave the Divide?
(a) Emil is buried there.
(b) She lives for the land.
(c) She is too hardened for luxury.
(d) She built her life there.

6. What is scheduled in the church after Amedee's death?
(a) Baptisms.
(b) Confessions.
(c) A wedding.
(d) Confirmations.

7. Whom did Alexandra write to after Emil's murder?
(a) Carl.
(b) Frank.
(c) Mrs. Lee.
(d) The governor.

8. What does Marie make for Emil during the winter?
(a) A scarf.
(b) A hat.
(c) A painting.
(d) A book.

9. How many teeth does Annie Lee's mother have?
(a) 9.
(b) 12.
(c) 6.
(d) 3.

10. What does Marie thank God for after hearing about Amedee's pain?
(a) That he will live.
(b) That Emil was there to help.
(c) That it was not Emil.
(d) That it was not her husband.

11. Where does Marie go walking after hearing about Amedee's pain?
(a) By the pond.
(b) The French country.
(c) The city main street.
(d) Alexandra's land.

12. What does Alexandra have a fantasy of?
(a) Being respected as a man.
(b) A strong man carrying her.
(c) Living as a nun.
(d) Having anough money to buy friends.

13. Whom does Alexandra blame most for the murders?
(a) Herself.
(b) Emil.
(c) Marie.
(d) Frank.

14. What does Frank do when he finds Marie and Emil together?
(a) Whips Emil till he is dead.
(b) Shoots them.
(c) Strangles them both.
(d) Stabs Emil.

15. What does Alexandra do after the deaths of Marie and Emil?
(a) Walks around the lake.
(b) Wanders graveyards.
(c) Rocks in a chair.
(d) Stays in her room.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alexandra say she puts all of her personality into?

2. Whom does Alexandra say is the only friend she has besides Carl?

3. Whom does Emil notice is missing from church after Amedee's death?

4. What does Emil do at the end of the festival?

5. What does Alexandra want Emil to stop doing after the festival?

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