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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Emil talk with Amedee before leaving for Omaha?
(a) The fields.
(b) The dinner table.
(c) The barn.
(d) The front porch.

2. What did Alexandra see on her perfect afternoon?
(a) A wildcat.
(b) A duck.
(c) A deer.
(d) An eagle.

3. How does Alexandra describe her personal life?
(a) Unreal.
(b) Underground.
(c) Distant.
(d) Inhuman.

4. When does Alexandra think of her fantasy?
(a) When she cooks.
(b) At dusk.
(c) When she is tired.
(d) When she sees young lovers.

5. Why does Ivar not think Emil is in paradise after his death?
(a) He caused the death.
(b) He abandoned his sister.
(c) He rarely went to church.
(d) He died in sin.

6. What is the name of the man who marries Alexandra's personal servant?
(a) Nalse.
(b) Nelse.
(c) Neise.
(d) Nice.

7. What does Frank feel guilty about while riding away after finding Marie and Emil together?
(a) Losing his temper.
(b) Making Marie unhappy.
(c) Leaving Marie alive and in pain.
(d) Killing Emil.

8. Where does Frank ride after finding Marie and Emil together?
(a) Alexandra's farm.
(b) The jail.
(c) The store.
(d) The train station.

9. Whom does Alexandra say made her grandfather crooked?
(a) Poverty.
(b) A woman.
(c) Greed.
(d) A severed friendship.

10. What do Alexandra and Emil talk about after the festival as Emil prepares to move?
(a) Their father.
(b) The wild duck.
(c) Marie.
(d) The farm.

11. What does Emil do at the end of the festival?
(a) Sings a song.
(b) Does a dance.
(c) Reads an essay.
(d) Says a prayer.

12. What does Frank do when he finds Marie and Emil together?
(a) Shoots them.
(b) Whips Emil till he is dead.
(c) Strangles them both.
(d) Stabs Emil.

13. What does Frank wish about Marie at the festival?
(a) She were unhappy.
(b) She loved him.
(c) She were not so pretty.
(d) She were not religious.

14. What led someone to find the dead lovers?
(a) Scavenger birds.
(b) A trail of blood.
(c) The scent.
(d) Emil's horse.

15. What does Alexandra tell Carl she feels Emil has done to her?
(a) Used her.
(b) Abandoned her.
(c) Betrayed her.
(d) Taken advantage of her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom did Alexandra write to after Emil's murder?

2. What does Alexandra say she puts all of her personality into?

3. Whom does Marie wish she had heard the news of Amedee's pain from?

4. How long has Frank known that Marie did not love him anymore?

5. What does Marie make for Emil during the winter?

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