O Pioneers! Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Alexandria tell Carl when she meets him in town at the beginning of the book, and how does he respond?

When they see each other in town at the beginning of the book, Alexandra confides in Carl that she has seen the doctor and there is no hope for her father's health. Carl is sympathetic and offers to get Alexandra's horses ready for the ride back to their farm.

2. What does Carl do to cheer Alexandria up when she returns home at the beginning of the book?

Carl tries to cheer Alexandria after hearing about her father and her fears for the future, by offering to bring his magic lantern to show them pictures of Germany, cannibals and even Robinson Crusoe.

3. What caused John's father's disgrace?

John Bergson's father had been a successful shipbuilder of wealth in the Old Country, but he died in disgrace after making a bad marriage and wasting his money.

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