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Magic Lantern

A device used in the late nineteenth century to view pictures.

Ivar's Pond

A hermit lives alone in a cave near this. He allows birds and animals to roam freely there and keeps hunters away.

Mrs. Bergson's Garden

Many consider this a waste of time, but it was created to make the creator less homesick.

Hanover, Nebraska

A small town based on Cather's hometown of Red Cloud. It boasts a Main Street and a railroad station that serves the rural community.


This is the name of the Bergson's horse that leads their team.


This is a musical instrument like a small accordion.


This is is a town larger and farther away than the main town. It has a hospital for the mentally ill where a hermit fears he will be sent one day.

The Divide

Willa Cather sets her novels on this, a...

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