O Pioneers! Character Descriptions

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Alexandra Bergson

This character is a young girl of twenty, but is overly serious and emotionally strong for her age. Her father wants her to take over the farm when he dies because she is the most intelligent and capable of his children.

Emil Bergson

This character is only five years old when the novel starts, but he is already dependent upon his sister, who will take care of him all his life.

Marie Tovesky Shabata

This character is so loving that she makes sure her houseplants are kept warm at night.

Carl Linstrum

This character flits from job-to-job and place-to-place, eventually taking up wood engraving - just when the demand for it is fading.

Crazy Ivar

This character is a hermit who lives in a cave near the largest pond in the Divide.

Frank Shabata

This character was a dashing handsome bachelor who became very sour on...

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