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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the ex-prisoners finds Walser?

2. What stands in the center of the prison settlement?

3. On what part of his body has Walser suffered an injury?

4. What does the Duke offer Fevvers a drink of?

5. What do the female prison escapees want the Escapee to donate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is happening to Fevvers in book 3, chapter 9?

2. In what way can Lizzie be seen as a business woman?

3. Describe the clowns performance in book 2, chapter 10.

4. How is the concept of space and time explored in this chapter?

5. Why do you think Buffo cannot continue to be a clown?

6. What do the Siberian tribes people believe about an expecting mother?

7. What differences does book 3, chapter 7 highlight between Lizzie and Fevvers?

8. Describe the character of the Escapee.

9. In what way is freedom a major theme in book 3, chapter 4?

10. Describe Fevvers condition in book 2, chapter 11.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A Night at the Circus is written in three parts. Examine the structure of the novel.

1) In what way does the first part show the importance of a child's upbringing.

2) What are the main themes of the second part of the novel?

3) How does Walser find himself in the final part of the novel? How was this theme of Walser finding himself developed in the other two sections?

Essay Topic 2

Carter hints at problem between Russia and America as early as 1897. Using one example in the book discuss how Carter shows these problem. What do you think caused this problems? Are there still problems between the two countries today?

Essay Topic 3

Using examples to support your argument discuss the following statement. In order to promote the role the woman plays in the book, Carter feminizes the male character or makes them emotionally weak.

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