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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What meat does Rosencreutz serve Fevvers for dinner?
(a) Duck
(b) Lamb
(c) Chicken
(d) Pork

2. How does Fevvers claim she was born?
(a) She woke up as she is now
(b) She grew from the earth
(c) She fell from heaven
(d) She was hatched out of an egg

3. What color ribbon does the female chimp have?
(a) Green
(b) Purple
(c) Blue
(d) Gold

4. What do the audience bombard Fevvers with?
(a) Potatoes
(b) Tomatos
(c) Sweets
(d) Flowers

5. What does Walser see Lizzie carrying in this chapter?
(a) Laundry
(b) A baby
(c) Fevvers
(d) Pancakes

6. What does Fevvers offer the night watchman?
(a) Champagne
(b) A free ticket
(c) Vodka
(d) A biscuit

7. Who promises Walser a good beating?
(a) The Strong Man
(b) Lizzie
(c) Mignon
(d) Kearney

8. What is the only thing Sleeping Beauty wakes up to do?
(a) Argue
(b) Urinate
(c) Go to the cinema
(d) Eat

9. How does Walser refer to Fevvers attitude towards him in this chapter?
(a) Cute
(b) Nasty and and not worth his attention
(c) A winged whore who will always be a winged whore
(d) A tart with a 24 carat heart

10. What is the name of Walser's dwellings?
(a) Circus Area
(b) Clown Alley
(c) Clown Corner
(d) Tramp Street

11. What does Fevvers pose as after she grows her wings?
(a) Cupid
(b) Angel Gabriel
(c) Winged Victory
(d) The Ugly Duckling

12. What is the main part of the Clown's act?
(a) A car falling apart
(b) Walser's head on a plate
(c) Showering the crowd with confetti
(d) Buffo's funeral

13. What question is written on the poster?
(a) Have you ever fallen in love with a bird?
(b) Is she fact or is she fiction?
(c) Can she fly?
(d) Is it a bird? Is it a woman? Or is it both?

14. Who carries Buffo off the stage?
(a) Fevvers
(b) The Strong Man
(c) Walser
(d) The Grand Duke

15. Where does Buffo sit at the table?
(a) Next to the head of the table
(b) Under the table
(c) The middle
(d) The head

Short Answer Questions

1. What other person come into the interview room in this chapter?

2. What is Walser currently unable to do?

3. Where does Fevver say she was found?

4. What does Madame Schreck invite Fevvers to work?

5. What is the name of the circus?

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