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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Fevvers' begin to feel an itch in this chapter?
(a) On her foot
(b) Around her feathers
(c) Around her ears
(d) Behind her knee

2. Who does Fevvers share a display with?
(a) Sleeping beauty
(b) Fanny Four Eyes
(c) Wilshire Wonder
(d) Cobwebs

3. What does Walser sign up for in this chapter?
(a) A circus
(b) Unemployment
(c) The army
(d) Save the bird petition

4. How does Walser try to gain his composure?
(a) He walks outside
(b) He stretches
(c) He takes deep breaths
(d) He goes to the bathroom

5. How does Fevvers claim she was born?
(a) She fell from heaven
(b) She woke up as she is now
(c) She grew from the earth
(d) She was hatched out of an egg

6. What was the name of the person who ran the brothel?
(a) Mara
(b) Jason
(c) Helena
(d) Nelson

7. Who carries Buffo off the stage?
(a) The Strong Man
(b) Fevvers
(c) The Grand Duke
(d) Walser

8. Where does Fevver say she was found?
(a) In a field
(b) In a basket
(c) On a fire escape
(d) On the sidewalk

9. What is Fevvers' favourite play?
(a) Carmen
(b) The Maltese Falcon
(c) Cats
(d) Phantom of the Opera

10. What do the women do for Fevvers' when she turns seven?
(a) Find her a playmate
(b) Find her a family
(c) Turn her into their mascot
(d) Build her a nest

11. Who is the leader of the clowns?
(a) Kearney
(b) Lizzie
(c) Walser
(d) Buffo the Great

12. Why is Walser happy to see Fevvers?
(a) He can now finish his story
(b) He is in love with her
(c) She owes him money
(d) He is happy to see a familiar face

13. What is the main part of the Clown's act?
(a) A car falling apart
(b) Buffo's funeral
(c) Showering the crowd with confetti
(d) Walser's head on a plate

14. What does Madame Schreck invite Fevvers to work?
(a) Her exhibit of strange beauty
(b) Her factory for misunderstood artists
(c) Her museum of woman monsters
(d) Her aviary

15. What does Rosencreutz say is the secret of youth?
(a) The essence of woman
(b) Vegetables
(c) Knowledge
(d) True love

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Walser in love with?

2. What meat does Rosencreutz serve Fevvers for dinner?

3. What was the name of the person who found Fevvers?

4. Who does the Strong Man come out to meet?

5. What does a clown have to do regardless?

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