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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fevvers say Madame Schreck does not part easily with?
(a) Her son
(b) Her workers
(c) Her emotions
(d) Money

2. Who pays for the doctor who tends Walser?
(a) Lizzie
(b) Fevvers
(c) Kearney
(d) Sybil

3. Who does Fevvers share a display with?
(a) Wilshire Wonder
(b) Sleeping beauty
(c) Fanny Four Eyes
(d) Cobwebs

4. What is Fevver's favorite flower?
(a) Roses
(b) Daffodils
(c) Forget-me-nots
(d) Violets

5. What does Fevvers pose as after she grows her wings?
(a) The Ugly Duckling
(b) Angel Gabriel
(c) Cupid
(d) Winged Victory

6. Who promises Walser a good beating?
(a) Mignon
(b) Kearney
(c) The Strong Man
(d) Lizzie

7. Where does Walser wander in this chapter?
(a) The meadows
(b) The hotel lobby
(c) The cold streets
(d) A park

8. What does Walser think he has become?
(a) A jester
(b) A dog
(c) A comedian
(d) A clown

9. Which of the following is not a member of Schreck's house?
(a) Lancashire Legs
(b) Cobwebs
(c) Wilshire Wonder
(d) Fanny Four Eyes

10. What does a clown have to do regardless?
(a) Entertain
(b) Communicate complex feelings
(c) Put on a happy face
(d) Laugh

11. Why is Walser concerned that Buffo might not be able to perform?
(a) He is drunk
(b) He has sprained his ankle
(c) He has been beaten up
(d) He is high

12. How many years was Fevvers a mascot?
(a) Ten years
(b) Three years
(c) Five years
(d) Seven years

13. How does Walser refer to Fevvers attitude towards him in this chapter?
(a) Cute
(b) A tart with a 24 carat heart
(c) A winged whore who will always be a winged whore
(d) Nasty and and not worth his attention

14. Who carries Buffo off the stage?
(a) The Strong Man
(b) The Grand Duke
(c) Fevvers
(d) Walser

15. Where does Fevvers' begin to feel an itch in this chapter?
(a) Around her ears
(b) Around her feathers
(c) Behind her knee
(d) On her foot

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Lizzie and Fevvers make a living?

2. What has Colonel Kearney polished?

3. What meat does Rosencreutz serve Fevvers for dinner?

4. What is the woman's name who comes to talk to Fevvers?

5. Which part of Walser's body is injured?

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