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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Walser's dwellings?
(a) Tramp Street
(b) Circus Area
(c) Clown Corner
(d) Clown Alley

2. Who promises Walser a good beating?
(a) The Strong Man
(b) Mignon
(c) Lizzie
(d) Kearney

3. Why is Walser happy to see Fevvers?
(a) He is happy to see a familiar face
(b) She owes him money
(c) He is in love with her
(d) He can now finish his story

4. What meat does Rosencreutz serve Fevvers for dinner?
(a) Chicken
(b) Lamb
(c) Pork
(d) Duck

5. What was Fevver lying on top of in the basket?
(a) Marbles
(b) A football
(c) Broken egg shells
(d) Feathers

6. What does Fevvers offer the night watchman?
(a) A free ticket
(b) Vodka
(c) A biscuit
(d) Champagne

7. Which part of Walser's body is injured?
(a) His arm
(b) His leg
(c) His groin
(d) His head

8. What do the clown's do after dinner?
(a) Visit a brothel
(b) Have a food fight
(c) Dance
(d) Sing

9. What has Fevvers suitor promised her?
(a) A harp
(b) A diamond necklace
(c) A dress
(d) Dinner

10. What does Fevvers pose as after she grows her wings?
(a) The Ugly Duckling
(b) Angel Gabriel
(c) Cupid
(d) Winged Victory

11. What color ribbon does the female chimp have?
(a) Blue
(b) Green
(c) Gold
(d) Purple

12. What kind of hat does the female chimp bring for Walser?
(a) A burberry cap
(b) A jester's hat
(c) A woolly hat
(d) A student's cap

13. What is the woman's name who comes to talk to Fevvers?
(a) Madame Schreck
(b) Ma Nelson
(c) Cruella Thump
(d) Freda Ghastly

14. Who does Fevvers send her money to?
(a) Her mother
(b) Walser
(c) Ma Nelson
(d) Lizzie

15. Where does Walser wander in this chapter?
(a) A park
(b) The cold streets
(c) The meadows
(d) The hotel lobby

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of America is the Colonel from?

2. What kind of weapon does Ma Nelson five Fevvers to go with her new image?

3. Why is Walser concerned that Buffo might not be able to perform?

4. What does the newspaper article claim that Fevver's is made of?

5. What is different about the gentlemen that Schreck relies on for help?

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