Objects & Places from Nights at the Circus

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Ma Nelson's Whorehouse

This is the house where Lizzie lives and where Fevvers is raised. To Fevvers, the house is simple but grand, and even its beauty turns out to be an illusion once Ma Nelson dies.

Ma Nelson's/ Fevvers' Gilded Sword

Ma Nelson gives Fevvers this to complete her Winged Victory costume. Fevers keeps it as a good luck item but loses it to the Grand Duke's rage.

Ma Nelson's/ Lizzie's Gilded Clock

Lizzie takes this from the house after Ma Nelson's death.


The town where Lizzie's sister lives and runs the ice cream shop. This becomes Fevvers' home after Ma Nelson's house and is where she has some of her happiest times.

Madame Schreck's House

This house is the darkest and coldest house described in the novel. Inside the owner runs a museum for what she calls women monsters.

Fevvers' Dressing Room (London)

Fevvers and...

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