Nights at the Circus Character Descriptions

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Sophia Fevvers

She is an exciting character whose only consistency is her intrigue. She only flourishes through other people's wants and desires. Whenever she isn't performing, or being watched or sought after, her glow is gone.

Jack Walser

He is handsome to the eye, but he seems to take no notice of the superficial. He is out of touch with his emotions and has not explored his own personality. He fights the fall in London with facts and figures about reality. However, he has too many unanswered questions.


A tough protector of women and their rights, she is witty and caustic. She holds the secret of her involvement with the women's rights movement quite well. She thinks of marriage as a hindrance and teaches others to live by the same ideology.

Ma Nelson

She is the maternal figure and represents the nurturer. She was a prostitute in...

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