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Book 1, Chapter 1

• Jack Walser is interviewing Sophia Fevvers for an article entitled "Great Humbugs of the World."

• Fevvers begins by telling Walser she was hatched out of an egg.
• Fevvers was found in a basket amidst a pile of broken eggshells. As a baby she has two patches of yellow fur "just like the fluff on a chick" on each of her shoulder blades. The girls at the house exclaim that she looks like she is about to sprout "Fevvers!"

• Fevvers calls on Lizzie to help her finish undressing and to corroborate the story.

• Fevvers returns to the original course of the interview, reiterating the means of her birth with one word, "hatched."

Book 1, Chapter 2

• The interview between Walser and Fevvers continues.

• Lizzie takes her to a whorehouse, headed and run by a woman named Nelson. They take Fevvers in as one of their own.

• When Fevvers turns...

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