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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In particular, what part of the occurrence which Elie witnesses later in life reminiscent of the workman throwing bread to the prisoners causes his reaction?
(a) He sees a prison guard strike the prisoner to the ground.
(b) One of the children looks like a friend he knew at Buchenwald.
(c) He notices one of the homeless people pull a knife.
(d) Two children are trying to strangle each other for coins.

2. What feeling does Elie have toward Rabbi Elichou's son?
(a) Pride.
(b) Jealousy.
(c) Disgust.
(d) Sympathy.

3. When a workman throws a piece of bread to the prisoners, how do the prisoners react?
(a) They are too weak and indifferent to care.
(b) They draw straws to see who gets the bread.
(c) They throw it back at the workman.
(d) They fight.

4. What does Elie pray for regarding the actions of Rabbi Elichou's son upon remembering his actions?
(a) Elie prays that the son's actions don't cause the rabbi's death.
(b) Elie prays to be spiritual.
(c) Elie prays for medical skills so he can help others.
(d) Elie doesn't want to be like him.

5. What is Elie's feeling about the scene after the workman throws the bread?
(a) Sadness.
(b) Hopeful.
(c) Relief.
(d) Uncaring.

6. In chapter 5, what happens to Elie's leg?
(a) It swells.
(b) It is broken during a fight.
(c) It is severely injured at work.
(d) It is amputated.

7. When the prisoners find out that they can have soup, what is their reaction?
(a) They fight over it.
(b) They draw straws to decide who gets it.
(c) They are too tired to care.
(d) They eagerly devour the soup.

8. What can Elie do when rumors start that the Russians are approaching the camp?
(a) He can set out on his own and risk being shot.
(b) He can join the Russian army.
(c) He can stay behind in the hospital with his father or he can evacuate with the rest of the prisoners.
(d) He can hide in an air raid shelter until the Russians have left the camp.

9. What happens to prisoners who are selected?
(a) They are sent to the crematory.
(b) The new prisoners must take care of the chimney.
(c) The prisoners are required to begin their new jobs immediately.
(d) Those selected are released from camp, then shot.

10. What is "selection"?
(a) The process of separating the healthy from the weak.
(b) The process of selecting new prisoners to enter the camp.
(c) The process of selecting prisoners for new jobs.
(d) The process of choosing who is released from the camp.

11. In chapter 7, to what does Elie compare humans?
(a) Worms.
(b) Canaries in a coal mine.
(c) Beasts of prey.
(d) Guinea pigs.

12. As the prisoners take refuge in a deserted village after the evacuation, where does Elie find himself?
(a) Buried in a snowpile.
(b) Crushed in a pile of dying prisoners.
(c) Lying next to a dead SS officer.
(d) Lying under a collapsed wall.

13. Why doesn't Elie fast on Yom Kippur?
(a) He joins the other prisoners in their refusal to fast.
(b) He is rebelling against God.
(c) He is too hungry.
(d) The doctor says he will starve to death if he fasts.

14. Why does Elie want to trade bunks with other prisoners after he wakes up and discovers his father's condition?
(a) Elie's bunk is broken.
(b) He wants to be close to his father.
(c) The prisoners in the bunks next to Elie are bullies.
(d) Elie wants a top bunk.

15. How does Elie's father fare in the first round of the selection process?
(a) He begins his new job in the kitchen.
(b) He is to be released from the camp.
(c) He is selected.
(d) He is not selected.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the SS officer treat Elie's father in Chapter 8?

2. What does Elie struggle to do when he finds himself in the deserted village?

3. In chapter 5, what happens when Dr. Mengele calls out numbers for another round of selection?

4. In chapter 7, to what natural phenomenon does Elie compare his brain?

5. Why does Elie's father make this request at the concentration camp?

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