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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Birkenau?
(a) The reception area for Bergen-Belsen.
(b) The reception area for Auschwitz.
(c) The reception area for Kaschau.
(d) The reception area for Dachau.

2. Who is in charge of Elie, his father and the other prisoners in this prison block?
(a) An SS officer.
(b) Elie's father.
(c) A Polish prisoner.
(d) A German prisoner.

3. How does Moshe tell Elie he escapes the Gestapo in 1944?
(a) He disguises himself as a Gestapo agent.
(b) He agrees to kill the Jews who were on his truck.
(c) He is shot in the leg and left for dead.
(d) He steals a truck.

4. What is the initial reaction of the men in the train car to Madame Schachter's screams?
(a) They threaten to throw her from the train.
(b) They peek through the bars but see nothing.
(c) They ignore her.
(d) They try to comfort her.

5. What does Moshe the Beadle focus on after his deportation?
(a) He plans an uprising against the Hungarian police.
(b) He immerses himself in prayer.
(c) He is engrossed in getting others to listen to his stories.
(d) He devotes himself to helping other foreign Jews escape.

6. What are the prisoners supposed to do when they hear the air raid sirens?
(a) Take cover in cement air raid shelters.
(b) Take cover in their lodgings.
(c) Man anti-aircraft artillery.
(d) Lie flat on the ground.

7. In the spring of 1944, what do the people of Sighet believe about Hitler?
(a) They believe he will conquer all of Europe.
(b) They think he was killed or went into hiding.
(c) They think his troops are turning on him.
(d) They believe he will soon be defeated.

8. In particular, what do the occupants of the cattle car need?
(a) Medicine.
(b) Chairs.
(c) Warm clothing.
(d) Water.

9. How do the German officers keep anyone from escaping from the train?
(a) There is one officer to guard each Jew.
(b) They threaten to shoot everyone if even one person escapes.
(c) They threaten to send everyone to the furnace.
(d) They threaten to withhold everyone's food and water.

10. What does the author say the cattle car is?
(a) A closet.
(b) An oven.
(c) A trap.
(d) A shoebox.

11. Where does Moshe the Beadle work?
(a) He teaches religion at a high school.
(b) He works with Elie's father.
(c) He works at a Hasidic synagogue.
(d) He does not have a job.

12. In the spring of 1944, what does Elie wish his father would do?
(a) Elie wants his father to spend more time with him.
(b) Elie wants his father to move the family to America.
(c) He wishes his father would help more Jews acquire safe passage.
(d) He wants his father to sell everything and go to Palestine.

13. Where is Sighet?
(a) Transylvania.
(b) Spotsylvania.
(c) Zohar.
(d) Israel.

14. What is A-7713?
(a) The number branded on Elie's arm.
(b) The number of Elie's prison block.
(c) The emergency code for an escaped prisoner.
(d) The number branded on the arm of Elie's father.

15. After tiring of her screams, what do the men finally do to quiet Madame Schachter?
(a) They sit on her.
(b) They gag her, tie her up, and hit her in the head.
(c) The men promise to put out the fire.
(d) The men continue to ignore her outbursts.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the others in the cattle car perceive Madame Schachter?

2. What happens to a bomb that lands in the camp?

3. How does Elie's father respond to his son's wish?

4. Who is the first person to be introduced in the book, Night?

5. How does Moshe's experience change him?

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