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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the spring of 1944, what does Elie wish his father would do?
(a) He wants his father to sell everything and go to Palestine.
(b) Elie wants his father to move the family to America.
(c) He wishes his father would help more Jews acquire safe passage.
(d) Elie wants his father to spend more time with him.

2. What interest do Moshe and Elie share?
(a) Playing board games.
(b) Cooking.
(c) Discussing philosophy.
(d) Plotting against the Gestapo.

3. In chapter 2, what is the first thing the Jews see as the train stops before they get off?
(a) They see men and women digging in a rock quarry.
(b) They see fire.
(c) They see the occupants of the camp lined up in formation.
(d) They see barbed wire.

4. What is another requirement the Jews must adhere to, regarding their clothing?
(a) All Jews must wear a black star.
(b) Each Jew must wear a yellow star.
(c) Each Jew must wear black or grey.
(d) Jewish children are no longer permitted to wear school uniforms.

5. What happens when the man looking for his family learns the truth?
(a) Elie never sees him again.
(b) The man tells Elie he understands why he lied.
(c) The man tries to kill Elie.
(d) The man tries to get Elie in trouble with the guards.

6. How does Elie's father respond to the order that Jews are not allowed to keep valuables in the house?
(a) He destroys their valuables rather that surrender them.
(b) He gives their savings to a relative who can safely hide them.
(c) He buries their savings in the basement.
(d) He surrenders their valuables to the Germans.

7. What does Madame Schachter do after the confrontation with the men on the train?
(a) She becomes eerily quiet.
(b) She continues to be hysterical.
(c) She becomes extremely violent.
(d) She finally calms down.

8. At first, what does Madame Schachter cry and moan about?
(a) She cries about being separated from her family.
(b) She complains that she is ill.
(c) She moans about the fact that they are all going to die.
(d) She complains about the conditions on the train.

9. What happens to a bomb that lands in the camp?
(a) It lands on the shelter of the SS officers.
(b) The bomb destroys the chimney.
(c) It destroys the block next to Elie's.
(d) It does not detonate.

10. What does Moshe the Beadle focus on after his deportation?
(a) He immerses himself in prayer.
(b) He is engrossed in getting others to listen to his stories.
(c) He devotes himself to helping other foreign Jews escape.
(d) He plans an uprising against the Hungarian police.

11. What happens to the foreign Jews in Sighet when the Hungarian police arrive?
(a) They must surrender all their possessions and walk to the nearest detention center.
(b) They are put on cattle cars.
(c) They are systematically executed.
(d) They are confined to run-down, unsanitary ghettos.

12. What is the lie that Elie tells to the man looking for Wiesel of Sighat?
(a) Elie tells the man that his mother knows his family is safe.
(b) Elie tells him that his family hasn't been heard from.
(c) Elie tells the man that he saw them in the flames of the chimney.
(d) Elie tells the man that they are at another camp.

13. What does Elie's family do while living in their house in the ghetto?
(a) They hide Jews who are trying to escape.
(b) They give their valuables to relatives who can hide them.
(c) They offer rooms to relatives who have lost their homes.
(d) They are forced to cook for the German soldiers.

14. How does Elie describe his train trip leaving Sighet?
(a) Terrifying.
(b) Comfortable.
(c) Cold.
(d) Pleasant.

15. What are the conditions inside the synagogue while Elie's group stays there?
(a) Drafty and damp.
(b) Chaotic and noisy.
(c) Crowded and unsanitary.
(d) Spacious and clean.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the response of the man looking for Wiesel of Sighet to Elie's news of his family?

2. In chapter 2, at one of the train stops, what are the occupants allowed to have?

3. After Elie witnesses his first execution of this type, which victim's execution affects him more?

4. In chapter 4, what type of execution does Elie see for the first time?

5. How does Elie's father respond to his son's wish?

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