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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7 (Pages 93 – 98).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do others perceive Moshe after his deportation experience?
(a) People regard him as a great philosopher.
(b) They consider him to be a gifted storyteller.
(c) They see him as a prophet.
(d) They question his sanity.

2. What scene similar to that of the workman throwing the bread to the prisoners does Elie witness later in life?
(a) Children pushing and shoving to pick up candy thrown by a street performer.
(b) People diving and fighting for coins thrown by passengers of a boat.
(c) A group of homeless people drawing straws to see who gets a threadbare scarf.
(d) Guards stoning a prisoner at a penitentiary.

3. What is Elie's emotional state, which resulted from his time spent in the concentration camp?
(a) He suffers a mental breakdown.
(b) He is relieved that it is all over.
(c) He feels that his painful experiences have made him stronger and more hopeful.
(d) Elie carries the effects of his experience forever.

4. How does Elie know Madame Schachter so well?
(a) She often visited his family's home.
(b) She is his aunt.
(c) She is his teacher.
(d) She is sitting next to him during the long train trip.

5. After tiring of her screams, what do the men finally do to quiet Madame Schachter?
(a) The men promise to put out the fire.
(b) The men continue to ignore her outbursts.
(c) They sit on her.
(d) They gag her, tie her up, and hit her in the head.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the prisoners take refuge in a deserted village after the evacuation, where does Elie find himself?

2. What does Meir Katz, another prisoner, do when Elie calls for help on the trip to the concentration camp after staying in the deserted village?

3. What happens to the train on which Moshe is deported?

4. According to Elie, what does indifference do to the spirit?

5. What do the SS officers do to the prisoners the day after arriving at Auschwitz?

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