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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 (Pages 81 – 92).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The German officer who threatens to shoot the occupants of the cattle car compares them to what animal?
(a) Cattle.
(b) Rats.
(c) Pigs.
(d) Dogs.

2. What feeling does Elie have toward Rabbi Elichou's son?
(a) Sympathy.
(b) Pride.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) Disgust.

3. As the prisoners take refuge in a deserted village after the evacuation, where does Elie find himself?
(a) Buried in a snowpile.
(b) Crushed in a pile of dying prisoners.
(c) Lying under a collapsed wall.
(d) Lying next to a dead SS officer.

4. Where do the flames appear to be coming from that the Jews see as they exit the train at Birkenau?
(a) A house.
(b) An overturned cattle car.
(c) A chimney.
(d) A bonfire.

5. Who does Elie find in a pile of bodies in the deserted village?
(a) Rabbi Elichou.
(b) His friend, Zalman.
(c) His friend, Juliek.
(d) Rabbi Elichou's son.

Short Answer Questions

1. What realization does Elie come to when he remembers the action performed by Rabbi Elichou's son?

2. What are the conditions for the Jews on the train?

3. What happens to prisoners who are selected?

4. Where is Sighet?

5. What is another requirement the Jews must adhere to, regarding their clothing?

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