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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 2, first, what did Madame Schachter cry and moan about?
(a) She complained about the conditions on the train.
(b) She moaned about the fact that they were all going to die.
(c) She complained that she was ill.
(d) She cried about being separated from her family.

2. What was Madame Schachter's frame of mind as she screamed on the cattle car in Chapter 2?
(a) The only comfort she found was in unconsciousness.
(b) She could only be consoled by Elie.
(c) She could not be consoled by anyone.
(d) She was comforted by the fact that the men would protect her.

3. How did the people of Sighet view the needy?
(a) They respected them.
(b) They did not particularly like them.
(c) They hated them.
(d) They were compassionate toward them.

4. How did Moshe's experience change him?
(a) He lost interest in the things he loved.
(b) He attempted to leave his beloved hometown and country.
(c) He became optimistic about the situation.
(d) He tried to commit suicide.

5. At the beginning of Chapter 4, who did Wiesel see wandering between the blocks?
(a) "Well-dressed" inmates.
(b) Young women.
(c) SS officers.
(d) Young boys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Madame Schachter traveled with whom in Chapter 2?

2. Whose number is A-7713?

3. According to the German officer in Chapter 2, what happened to any Jews who kept their valuables?

4. How long did it take one of the hanged prisoners to die at the end of Chapter 4?

5. At the end of Chapter 1, where did the Hungarian police send the Jews?

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