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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the German officer in Chapter 2, what happened to any Jews who kept their valuables?
(a) They were shot.
(b) They were immediately sent to the furnace.
(c) They were permitted to keep half their valuables.
(d) They were separated from their relatives.

2. How were the Jews supposed to get to the next prison block at Auschwitz?
(a) Crawl.
(b) Ride in filthy wagons.
(c) Run.
(d) March in strict formation.

3. How many prisoners were loaded into the cattle cars at the end of Chapter 1?
(a) 93.
(b) 100.
(c) 80.
(d) 75.

4. What was Madame Schachter's frame of mind as she screamed on the cattle car in Chapter 2?
(a) She could only be consoled by Elie.
(b) The only comfort she found was in unconsciousness.
(c) She could not be consoled by anyone.
(d) She was comforted by the fact that the men would protect her.

5. In Chapter 3, how did Wiesel feel that he should have handled the results of his father asking about the washroom?
(a) He should have attacked the assailant.
(b) He should have yelled racial slurs back at the attacker.
(c) He should have repeated the question.
(d) He should have run and hid.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 3, why did Wiesel's father ask directions to the washroom?

2. Why did Wiesel lie to the man who was looking for his family in Chapter 3?

3. After the war when Wiesel met the woman who pretended to be Aryan rather than a Jew at the concentration camp, what did she tell him?

4. What color was Tzipora's hair?

5. In Chapter 4, what did the foreman want Wiesel to do?

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