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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 (Pages 45 – 62).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the prisoners supposed to do when they hear the air raid sirens?
(a) Take cover in their lodgings.
(b) Take cover in cement air raid shelters.
(c) Lie flat on the ground.
(d) Man anti-aircraft artillery.

2. What do the SS officers do to the prisoners the day after arriving at Auschwitz?
(a) They brand them with numbers.
(b) The SS officers make them watch the chimney.
(c) They force them to march on a five mile hike.
(d) They withhold their food and water.

3. What is A-7713?
(a) The number of Elie's prison block.
(b) The emergency code for an escaped prisoner.
(c) The number branded on Elie's arm.
(d) The number branded on the arm of Elie's father.

4. How does Elie's father respond to the order that Jews are not allowed to keep valuables in the house?
(a) He buries their savings in the basement.
(b) He surrenders their valuables to the Germans.
(c) He gives their savings to a relative who can safely hide them.
(d) He destroys their valuables rather that surrender them.

5. How does Moshe tell Elie he escapes the Gestapo in 1944?
(a) He steals a truck.
(b) He is shot in the leg and left for dead.
(c) He disguises himself as a Gestapo agent.
(d) He agrees to kill the Jews who were on his truck.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Madame Schachter do after the confrontation with the men on the train?

2. What happens to the foreign Jews in Sighet when the Hungarian police arrive?

3. What does the name Auschwitz mean to the occupants of the cattle car?

4. What is the lie that Elie tells to the man looking for Wiesel of Sighat?

5. What is Birkenau?

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