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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 2, what is Auschwitz?
(a) The reception center for Dachau.
(b) The name of the train they were on.
(c) The name of the "station" where the train stopped.
(d) The name of the Hungarian interpreter.

2. Where is Sighet?
(a) Spotsylvania.
(b) Israel.
(c) Transylvania.
(d) Zohar.

3. Several months after Moshe the Beadle and the other foreign Jews were deported, what happened to life in Sighet?
(a) The community leaders planned a large celebration.
(b) Virtually everyone left Sighet.
(c) Life returned to normal.
(d) The town became crime-ridden and economically depressed.

4. How did others perceive Moshe after his deportation experience?
(a) They questioned his sanity.
(b) People regarded him as a great philosopher.
(c) They saw him as a prophet.
(d) They considered him to be a gifted storyteller.

5. In Chapter 3, what happened to the Jews at Birkenau once they left the train?
(a) The children and adults were separated.
(b) The men and women were separated.
(c) They were sent directly to hard labor in a rock quarry.
(d) They were given food and water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the conditions inside the synagogue while Wiesel's group stayed there?

2. Why was the dentist who did not pull Elie's tooth arrested in Chapter 4?

3. In Chapter 1, what art had Moishe mastered?

4. How many words were spoken as the prisoners leave the train in Chapter 3?

5. What did Wiesel believe when he and his father were sent to the right after telling their ages to the officer at Birkenau?

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