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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 (Pages 21 – 26).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do others perceive Moshe after his deportation experience?
(a) They question his sanity.
(b) They see him as a prophet.
(c) They consider him to be a gifted storyteller.
(d) People regard him as a great philosopher.

2. How does Elie's father respond to his son's wish?
(a) He says helping more Jews is too dangerous.
(b) He says he is too old to start over.
(c) He agrees to spend more time with Elie.
(d) He reminds Elie of the impossibility of moving to America.

3. What is the condition of the main synagogue when Elie's group reaches it?
(a) The Gestapo keep it clean to lull the Jews into a false sense of security.
(b) The Gestapo keep it clean to make outsiders think they are humane.
(c) It is vandalized.
(d) It is burned to the ground.

4. How does Elie know Madame Schachter so well?
(a) She is sitting next to him during the long train trip.
(b) She is his aunt.
(c) She often visited his family's home.
(d) She is his teacher.

5. How do the German officers keep anyone from escaping from the train?
(a) They threaten to withhold everyone's food and water.
(b) They threaten to send everyone to the furnace.
(c) There is one officer to guard each Jew.
(d) They threaten to shoot everyone if even one person escapes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Elie's group stay after being forced out of the ghetto?

2. What does Elie's family do while living in their house in the ghetto?

3. What does Moshe the Beadle focus on after his deportation?

4. What happens to the train on which Moshe is deported?

5. According to the German officer in chapter 2, what happens to any Jews who keep their valuables?

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