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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 (Pages 107 – 109).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Rabbi Elichou's son perform the action that Elie remembers?
(a) He wants to be a rabbi like his father.
(b) He worked in the hospital at the camp.
(c) He was tortured at the camp which caused him to go insane.
(d) He wants to get away from his father.

2. What is Madame Schachter's frame of mind as she screams on the cattle car?
(a) She is comforted by the fact that the men will protect her.
(b) She can only be consoled by Elie.
(c) The only comfort she finds is in unconsciousness.
(d) She cannot be consoled by anyone.

3. On April 10th, what is going to happen to those left in camp?
(a) They will be sent to the crematory.
(b) They will be liberated.
(c) They will be placed in front of firing squads.
(d) They will be evacuated.

4. What is the condition of the main synagogue when Elie's group reaches it?
(a) It is burned to the ground.
(b) The Gestapo keep it clean to make outsiders think they are humane.
(c) The Gestapo keep it clean to lull the Jews into a false sense of security.
(d) It is vandalized.

5. Where is Elie sent now that his father is dead?
(a) To solitary confinement.
(b) To another concentration camp.
(c) To the children's block.
(d) To the camp hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the dentist's punishment after his arrest?

2. After the Germans arrest the Jewish leaders during Passover, what are the Jews required to do?

3. What is the result of the event which occurs on April 10, 1945, while the prisoners are at roll call?

4. How do others perceive Moshe after his deportation experience?

5. When Elie is asked to report to the dentist, where is he coming from?

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