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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 (Pages 21 – 26).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the German officers keep anyone from escaping from the train?
(a) They threaten to send everyone to the furnace.
(b) They threaten to withhold everyone's food and water.
(c) They threaten to shoot everyone if even one person escapes.
(d) There is one officer to guard each Jew.

2. How does Moshe tell Elie he escapes the Gestapo in 1944?
(a) He disguises himself as a Gestapo agent.
(b) He steals a truck.
(c) He is shot in the leg and left for dead.
(d) He agrees to kill the Jews who were on his truck.

3. How do the others in the cattle car perceive Madame Schachter?
(a) They think she is selfish.
(b) They think she is a prophet.
(c) They think she is insane.
(d) They think she is knowledgeable.

4. What happens to the foreign Jews in Sighet when the Hungarian police arrive?
(a) They must surrender all their possessions and walk to the nearest detention center.
(b) They are put on cattle cars.
(c) They are systematically executed.
(d) They are confined to run-down, unsanitary ghettos.

5. After tiring of her screams, what do the men finally do to quiet Madame Schachter?
(a) They sit on her.
(b) The men continue to ignore her outbursts.
(c) They gag her, tie her up, and hit her in the head.
(d) The men promise to put out the fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Elie's group stay after being forced out of the ghetto?

2. What interest do Moshe and Elie share?

3. What happens to Madame Schachter as a result of the train trip?

4. Where does Moshe the Beadle work?

5. How does Elie's father respond to the order that Jews are not allowed to keep valuables in the house?

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