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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3 (Pages 27 – 43).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In order to give themselves hope, what do Elie and his father pretend after spending several weeks in Auschwitz?
(a) They pretend that Elie's mother and sister survive.
(b) They pretend that they are on a secret mission.
(c) They pretend that they are not frightened.
(d) They pretend that this experience is just a bad dream and that they will both wake up soon.

2. What happens to the foreign Jews in Sighet when the Hungarian police arrive?
(a) They must surrender all their possessions and walk to the nearest detention center.
(b) They are put on cattle cars.
(c) They are systematically executed.
(d) They are confined to run-down, unsanitary ghettos.

3. At the end of chapter one, where do the Hungarian police send the Jews?
(a) They are ordered onto filthy trucks.
(b) They are jammed onto packed railroad passenger cars.
(c) They are crammed onto crowded cattle wagons.
(d) They are forced to walk miles to their destination.

4. What is the response of the man looking for Wiesel of Sighet to Elie's news of his family?
(a) He weeps with joy.
(b) He remains quiet and returns to his place in the ranks.
(c) He collapses from grief.
(d) He cries bitterly and hysterically.

5. Where does Elie's group stay after being forced out of the ghetto?
(a) A deserted warehouse.
(b) The railroad station.
(c) The main synagogue.
(d) In the middle of a field.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 3, what do the prisoners discuss after a few weeks in the camp?

2. What are the conditions inside the synagogue while Elie's group stays there?

3. Why does Elie lie to the man who is looking for his family?

4. What is A-7713?

5. Where is Sighet?

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