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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 (Pages 63 – 80).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 2, what is the first thing the Jews see as the train stops before they get off?
(a) They see men and women digging in a rock quarry.
(b) They see the occupants of the camp lined up in formation.
(c) They see fire.
(d) They see barbed wire.

2. What happens to a bomb that lands in the camp?
(a) The bomb destroys the chimney.
(b) It does not detonate.
(c) It lands on the shelter of the SS officers.
(d) It destroys the block next to Elie's.

3. How do others perceive Moshe after his deportation experience?
(a) They question his sanity.
(b) They consider him to be a gifted storyteller.
(c) People regard him as a great philosopher.
(d) They see him as a prophet.

4. What happens to the foreign Jews in Sighet when the Hungarian police arrive?
(a) They must surrender all their possessions and walk to the nearest detention center.
(b) They are systematically executed.
(c) They are put on cattle cars.
(d) They are confined to run-down, unsanitary ghettos.

5. What do Elie and his father decide to do after hearing that the Russians may be approaching the camp?
(a) They choose to remain in the hospital.
(b) Elie chooses to join the Russian army.
(c) They choose to hide in an air raid shelter.
(d) They choose to evacuate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Elie return the knife and spoon to his father?

2. After the war, what does Elie learn about the Russians coming to the camp?

3. In order to give themselves hope, what do Elie and his father pretend after spending several weeks in Auschwitz?

4. What are the prisoners supposed to do when they hear the air raid sirens?

5. The German officer who threatens to shoot the occupants of the cattle car compares them to what animal?

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