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Objective: Chapter 1 (Pages 1-20) This is a pre-reading activity. Night describes author Elie Wiesel's experiences in concentration camps during the Holocaust. Knowledge of the Holocaust will help to put the enormity and inhumanity of this event into perspective. The objective of this lesson is to learn about the Holocaust.

1) Tasks, Ideas, Challenges, and Homework

1) Individual: Have the students write what they know about the Holocaust. They should include their thoughts and feelings regarding the Holocaust.

2) For class discussion: What was the Holocaust? Who was involved with the Holocaust? Why did the Holocaust occur? When did the Holocaust occur? Where did the Holocaust occur? Why is it crucial to discuss/study/explore/think about the Holocaust, its implications and repercussions?

3) Individual: Have the students generate a list of questions that still remain in their minds about the Holocaust. Have them answer: Do they think the questions in their...

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