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Essay Topic 1

When the German Army advanced toward Sighet, the people were not very concerned. What two warnings did they receive about the Germans? Why were the townspeople complacent about the arrival of the army? Did events ever cause them to lose their complacency? If so, how or why?

Essay Topic 2

Moishe the Beadle was one of the first to be deported and escape from the Germans. What news did he have to share when he returned? Why was he so desperate to tell his story? What was his goal for talking to everyone about his experiences and what did he hope would result from his warnings? Why did he believe that "It's not what happens, but how we react to what happens"?

Essay Topic 3

As a teen, Wiesel wanted to study the Jewish Kaballah. What was the Kaballah? What was going on in Wiesel's life? Why did...

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