Night Character Descriptions

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Chlomo Wiesel - This character is held in great esteem by the community. The relationship between this character and a family member is the most important of the story. At some point, this character is taken away to the crematory still breathing.

Eliezer Wiesel - This character may no longer believe in the merciful and just God but believes even less in giving into death by concentration camp madness. Consequently, this character is bent solely on survival. This character survives, but merely as a corpse in a mirrored gaze just waking up from the long night.

A-7713 - This is how the narrator is identified by the Nazis in the concentration camp.

Alphonse - This character is a German Jew "with an extraordinarily aged face," who is the head of a block. This character would organize a cauldron of soup for the weaker ones in the...

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