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Chapter 1 (Pages 1 – 20)

• The narrator, Elie Wiesel bonds with Moshe the Beadle.

• Moshe tells Elie that the Jews were slaughtered on his deportation trip.

• Moshe loses interest in all he loves after he returns from deportation.

• People believe Moshe is insane.

• The Germans invade the town and arrest the community leaders.

• The Germans impose strict laws on the Jews, including wearing the yellow star.

• The Jews are confined to ghettos.

• Eventually, the Jews are herded onto crowded cattle cars and are given few provisions.

Chapter 2 (Pages 21 – 26)

• On the train ride, the Jews have to take turns standing because there is no room to sit or lie down.

• They save what few provisions they have left in case the next day is worse.

• At one of the stops, a German officer forces the Jews to give up their valuables or be shot later if caught.

• On the train, a woman...

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