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Chapter 1

• In 1941, Elie Wiesel was the 13-year-old son of a shopkeeper, and he grew up in the town of Sighet located in Hungarian Transylvania.

• Wiesel had three sisters, and he was very devout in his Jewish faith.

• When his father would not help him find a Kabbalist to teach him, Wiesel found his own.

• Moshe the Beadle was a devout and poor man who lived alone and avoided people.

• He began to teach Wiesel, encouraging Wiesel to pursue God through questions.

• Moshe warned Wiesel that those questions would remain unanswered until death.

• All foreign Jews were forced to leave Sighet and loaded onto train cars.

• Moshe was one of those who had to leave, but he later returned and shared what had happened.

• The Jews were taken off the train and herded into trucks.

• When they reached a forest, everyone was forced to dig large trenches.

• Once the...

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