Objects & Places from Night Prey

John Sandford
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This location is the city where the novel takes place.

Eisenhower Docks

This is the apartment complex where Charmagne Carter lived.

Dakota County

This is the area where Junky Doog was living at a landfill.

The Blue Bull

This is the name of the bar where Lucas tracks down Randy Leski.

The Saint

This is the name of the bookstore where Koop picked up Harriet Wannemaker.

Waupun Prison

This is the prison where Lucas and Meagan interview D. Wayne Price.


This location is the brokerage firm where Sara Jensen is employed.

Stillwater Prison

This is the name of the prison where Robert Koop was employed as a guard.


This is the location where Jan Reed is employed.

Modigliani's Wine & Spirit

This is the name of the store where the police arrest Koop for passing stolen goods.

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