Night Prey Fun Activities

John Sandford
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Police Sketch Project

Draw a sketch of what Koop looks like in the first scene and in the last scene (before he dies).

Point of View Project

"Night Prey" is clearly written from Davenport's point of view. Rewrite (for at least 2 pages) a section of your choosing in any chapter - but from Koop's point of view. Be prepared to read your rewrite to the class and then answer questions, in character, about your interpretation of events.

Characters in the Future Project

Imagine that it is now 10 years in the future (from when the novel ended). What has happened to Davenport? What has happened to Sara? What has happened to Roux? What are they doing? Where are they now? Write a brief summary of each character as if you were profiling them for the local newspaper.

Clay Project

Create the face of one of the characters from the...

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