Night Prey Character Descriptions

John Sandford
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Lucas Davenport

The main character in the novel, this person is a tall, broad man, with dark hair just starting to show gray and shocking blue eyes.

Meagan Connell

A state investigator, this character is in her late twenties or early thirties. Dying of cancer, she wants to make sure that the killer does not kill again.

Robert Koop

The killer, this person is a cat burglar whose only other occupation in life is working out at the gym, doing drugs and killing.

Weather Harkinnen

A surgeon, this person is the love interest of the main character.


This person is a detective who has worked with the protagonist in the past.


A detective who has worked with the protagonist in the past, this character is involved in the investigation of the stolen guns -- especially when it appears that his case might be tied to the...

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