Night Prey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Sandford
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Chapters 1-5

• Chapter 1: Koop is a burglar who has recently become infatuated with Sara Jensen. He got her key from a moving company and broke into her apartment, finding her sleeping, although she did not wake up.

• Koop kidnaps Harriet Wannemaker outside of a bookstore and puts her unconscious in the back of his truck.
• Chapter 2: Lucas Davenport, a detective in Minneapolis, is introduced. He has come back to the department to help with his connections, as there is a serial killer on the loose.

• Davenport meets Meagan Connell, a gruff woman dying of cancer. She has been tracking the killer for months.

• Wannemaker's body is discover in a dumpster with the letters "S" and "J" carved into her breasts. All her other wounds match those from the previous killings tied to the serial killer.
• Chapter 3: Lucas meets with Chief Rose Marie Roux, who has political aspirations. She...

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