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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fanny write in a letter to Ralph?

2. With what bad news does Noggs interrupt Nicholas?

3. In a roadside tavern, Nicholas and Smike learn with dismay that not only is it still twelve miles to Portsmouth, but what?

4. What does Ralph tell Bonney that he is doing, regarding the company?

5. What does the owner of the shop promise Kate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What good news does Noggs have for Nicholas?

2. What is taking place back in London?

3. By what is Sir Matthew Pupker distracted?

4. What happens as the gathering begins to prepare for performances by Morleena and Miss Petowker?

5. How does Nicholas end up fighting Hawk?

6. How does the death scene of Romeo and Juliet change from the original plot?

7. How does Bray act during his interaction with Nicholas?

8. What does Ralph learn about his plans?

9. What happens with Mr. Mantalini's outstanding bills?

10. What does Noggs realize about Gride's bride to be? What does he do when he makes this realization?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Foreshadowing is important in this story.

Part 1) Give two examples of foreshadowing. What do these examples foreshadow?

Part 2) What is the purpose of this foreshadowing?

Part 3) How does it set the mood of the story and enhance the story for the reader or audience member?

Essay Topic 2

A section of the play shows the poorest, nastiest, and most desperate sections of London.

Part 1) Describe these sections of London. What is the purpose of this?

Part 2) Compare these poor sections to the other settings mentioned.

Part 3) How does this reinforce a characteristic of Dickens' stories?

Essay Topic 3

Minor characters, plot lines, and events are significant.

Part 1) Describe these minor characters, plot lines, and events.

Part 2) How are they significant? How do they reinforce Dickens' writing style?

Part 3) What is the connection between these minor details and the main characters and plot lines?

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