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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does this woman ask for Kate?
(a) She does not like working with "old frights" like Miss Knag.
(b) She thinks Kate is beautiful.
(c) She wants to make Miss Knag jealous.
(d) She has known Kate for years.

2. What other news does Friar Lawrence bring?
(a) Romeo is in fact a woman.
(b) Benvolio is dead.
(c) Benvolio is in fact a woman.
(d) Tybalt is in fact a woman.

3. To what does Ralph invite Kate?
(a) To be hostess at a party he is giving the next night.
(b) To the theater.
(c) To meet his family.
(d) Out to dinner.

4. What, again, upsets Fanny soon after she happily embraces Tilda?
(a) Tilda tells her she does not like Nicholas.
(b) Fanny sees Nicholas talking to another girl.
(c) Nicholas leaves.
(d) Tilda starts talking about Nicholas.

5. Who represents the wealthy industrial classes?
(a) Ralph, Crowl and Noggs.
(b) Kate, Mrs. Nickleby and Squeers.
(c) Kate, Noggs and Brooker.
(d) Crowl, Noggs and Brooker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John Bowdie do when Nicholas encounters him in the countryside near Dotheboys?

2. At the moment Kate left Ralph's, Ralph saw a resemblance to whom, in Kate's face?

3. What does Smike say to Nicholas when he comes across him on a road to London?

4. Nicholas arrives at the tavern where Squeers is depriving the boys in his charge of what?

5. How is Kate welcomed by the women in the workroom?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bray act during his interaction with Nicholas?

2. For what is Gride preparing?

3. What does Noggs realize about Gride's bride to be? What does he do when he makes this realization?

4. What good luck does Nicholas have?

5. What is Ralph doing at his home?

6. Where does Nicholas travel? Why?

7. What does the Crummles Company perform?

8. With whom has Mr. Lillyvick fallen in love?

9. What good news does Noggs have for Nicholas?

10. How does the death scene of Romeo and Juliet change from the original plot?

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