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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nicholas do when he comes to visit Madeline and Bray?
(a) He congratulates her on her wedding.
(b) He expresses his concern that they are being taken adavantage of.
(c) He tells them that Ralph is a horrible man, and Madeline should not marry him.
(d) He expresses his love for Madeline.

2. Why is Mr. Lenville, another senior actor, concerned?
(a) He is not getting the applause he used to since Nicholas arrived.
(b) His acting is not as good as it once was.
(c) His characters are much more difficult to understand.
(d) His roles have become smaller.

3. Gride then asks Noggs to stay for a drink and proposes what?
(a) They leave town.
(b) A toast to Ralph and Madeline.
(c) They open a shop together.
(d) A toast to Madeline, his young bride-to-be.

4. How does Ralph believe they can take revenge on Nicholas?
(a) By stealing his inheritance.
(b) By catching him and having him put in jail.
(c) By finding the person who took the deed, taking the deed from her, and destroying it.
(d) By marrying Kate.

5. The next day, we see whose offices?
(a) Both the Cheerbyles' and Kate's.
(b) Both Nicholas' and Ralph's.
(c) Both Ralph's and Hawk's.
(d) Both Ralph's and the Cheerbyles'.

6. Just as everybody returns to go in to dinner, Noggs arrives in a new suit, confessing what?
(a) That he has been helping the police.
(b) That he is leaving London.
(c) That he has been helping Ralph.
(d) That he is getting married.

7. As the rest of the company leaves, what does Nicholas confess to Smike?
(a) He is anxious about Kate.
(b) He loves being an actor.
(c) He hopes Kate is happy.
(d) He enjoys his job.

8. While passing a theatre on the way, what does Nicholas notice about it?
(a) That his name is on the sign.
(b) It is playing host to the Crummles Acting Company.
(c) It is performing his play.
(d) It has closed.

9. How does Nicholas react when he overhears men talking about Kate?
(a) He ignores them.
(b) He goes to her.
(c) He fights them all.
(d) He follows them inside and listens.

10. Why is a young man attacking an angry man?
(a) He is drunk.
(b) For stealing his horse.
(c) For beating him at a card game.
(d) For being disrespectful to a young woman.

11. For what does Gride get ready?
(a) His wedding to Madeline.
(b) His wedding to Kate.
(c) Madeline's wedding to Ralph.
(d) Nicholas' wedding to Madeline.

12. What happens when Squeers mentions Smike to Ralph?
(a) Ralph becomes upset.
(b) Ralph does not want to hear about Smike.
(c) Ralph wants Smike dead.
(d) Ralph becomes more interested and gets details of where Squeers is staying.

13. After Madeline takes her father out and then returns, what does she urge Nicholas to do?
(a) Visit her again soon.
(b) Not visit her anymore.
(c) Find Gride.
(d) Stop the wedding.

14. In Hawk's apartments, Pluck and Pyke inform him of what?
(a) Rumors of the encounter at the coffee house are all over London.
(b) Rumors that Nicholas is hunting for Hawk.
(c) Nicholas is marrying Madeline.
(d) Nicholas' determination to kill Ralph.

15. Where are Nicholas and Kate headed?
(a) Dotheboys.
(b) Portsmouth.
(c) London.
(d) Devonshire.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Madeline respond when Nicholas impulsively tells her how he feels about her?

2. What does Nicholas discover about the young man?

3. How does Nicholas react when he hears the men saying less than polite comments about Kate?

4. Who does Nicholas see as Mr. Charles introduces him to their clerk, Tim?

5. Ralph orders Noggs to get a coach to take them to the Strand, which Noggs realizes will take Ralph where?

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