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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nicholas vow to stop at whatever the cost?
(a) Madeline's wedding.
(b) Kate's wedding.
(c) Ralph.
(d) Gride.

2. Back in Portsmouth, the Crummles Company has gathered for what?
(a) A meeting.
(b) A performance.
(c) A party.
(d) A meal.

3. To whom does Nicholas pay his final call of the evening?
(a) Fanny.
(b) Kate.
(c) Noggs.
(d) Madeline.

4. After Madeline takes her father out and then returns, what does she urge Nicholas to do?
(a) Find Gride.
(b) Not visit her anymore.
(c) Stop the wedding.
(d) Visit her again soon.

5. How does Madeline respond when Nicholas impulsively tells her how he feels about her?
(a) She giggles.
(b) She is silent.
(c) She tells him to say nothing more.
(d) She tells him she likes him as well.

6. After the men have gone, of what does Mrs. Wititterly accuse Kate?
(a) Allowing a potential husband to walk out the door.
(b) Manipulating the situation in order to be alone with Hawk and thereby advance her position at the expense of the Wititterlys.
(c) Stealing Hawk away from her.
(d) Not caring enough about wealth.

7. What does Mrs. Grudden give Nicholas?
(a) A picture she had drawn of him.
(b) A letter that she had forgotten to give him before.
(c) A present.
(d) A cake.

8. While passing a theatre on the way, what does Nicholas notice about it?
(a) It is performing his play.
(b) It is playing host to the Crummles Acting Company.
(c) That his name is on the sign.
(d) It has closed.

9. Ralph orders Noggs to get a coach to take them to the Strand, which Noggs realizes will take Ralph where?
(a) To Nicholas.
(b) To Hawk.
(c) To the home of Nickleby and Kate.
(d) To John.

10. Gride takes out the deed he mentioned to Ralph, looks it over once more, puts it back in the trunk and leaves. Of what is he unaware?
(a) The deed is fake.
(b) Peg has been watching him.
(c) Kate has been watching him.
(d) Madeline knows about the deed.

11. How is London described?
(a) Busy, crowded, and full of contrasts.
(b) Scary, dangerous, and daunting.
(c) Dirty, sad, and lonely.
(d) Pleasant, friendly, and exciting.

12. For what does Gride get ready?
(a) His wedding to Kate.
(b) Madeline's wedding to Ralph.
(c) Nicholas' wedding to Madeline.
(d) His wedding to Madeline.

13. What does Smike ask Nicholas, when he has gone with them to their home in the country?
(a) To be taken home.
(b) To be buried in the family cemetery.
(c) To be buried as close as possible to the tree.
(d) To be left alone.

14. What has been causing Ralph to lose sleep?
(a) Stress.
(b) Noises in his home.
(c) He is not feeling well.
(d) A mysterious feeling.

15. How does Hawk respond when Kate tells him how intensely she dislikes him?
(a) He apologizes for being so horrible.
(b) He will leave her alone.
(c) He tells her it does not matter.
(d) He walks away.

Short Answer Questions

1. Back in London, for what does the social climbing Mrs. Wititterly ask Kate?

2. Into what do Ralph and Gride manipulate Bray?

3. Mrs. Nickleby and Miss LaCreevy appear with luggage. To where are Kate and Mrs. Nickleby in the process of moving?

4. Why does one of the senior actors, Folair, take Nicholas aside?

5. Why do Kate and Mrs. Nickleby visit an invalid named Mrs. Wititterly?

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