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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Madeline respond when Nicholas impulsively tells her how he feels about her?
(a) She tells him she likes him as well.
(b) She is silent.
(c) She giggles.
(d) She tells him to say nothing more.

2. What does Smike ask Nicholas, when he has gone with them to their home in the country?
(a) To be buried as close as possible to the tree.
(b) To be buried in the family cemetery.
(c) To be left alone.
(d) To be taken home.

3. What does Nicholas speak, regarding Ralph?
(a) He speaks the words that Ralph is reading in the urgent letter.
(b) He speaks about who sent the urgent letter to Ralph.
(c) He speaks to Ralph, regarding the urgent letter.
(d) He mocks Ralph as Ralph reads the urgent letter.

4. After a chase, what happens to Peg, Squeers and the deed?
(a) They escape.
(b) They are caught by Nicholas.
(c) They disappear.
(d) They are all taken into custody.

5. What does Nicholas discover about the young man?
(a) He is Frank Cheeryble.
(b) He is John's brother.
(c) He is his brother.
(d) He is Smike.

6. What do Kate and Nicholas tell each other, now that they are not marrying their loved ones?
(a) They will never marry.
(b) They will be each other's companions.
(c) They will find others to marry.
(d) They will be lonely.

7. Just as everybody returns to go in to dinner, Noggs arrives in a new suit, confessing what?
(a) That he is getting married.
(b) That he is leaving London.
(c) That he has been helping the police.
(d) That he has been helping Ralph.

8. Why is a young man attacking an angry man?
(a) For beating him at a card game.
(b) He is drunk.
(c) For being disrespectful to a young woman.
(d) For stealing his horse.

9. Why does Mr. Charles chide Nicholas and Kate?
(a) For suggesting that they themselves would become corrupted if they came in contact with riches.
(b) For not loving Frank and Madeline.
(c) For not trusting him.
(d) For fearing Ralph.

10. Why can Nicholas not pursue this person?
(a) He is embarrassed.
(b) Mr. Charles is introducing him to Mr. Ned.
(c) He is surprised to see this person.
(d) They leave too quickly.

11. In Hawk's apartments, Pluck and Pyke inform him of what?
(a) Nicholas' determination to kill Ralph.
(b) Rumors of the encounter at the coffee house are all over London.
(c) Rumors that Nicholas is hunting for Hawk.
(d) Nicholas is marrying Madeline.

12. How is London described?
(a) Busy, crowded, and full of contrasts.
(b) Scary, dangerous, and daunting.
(c) Dirty, sad, and lonely.
(d) Pleasant, friendly, and exciting.

13. After the men have gone, of what does Mrs. Wititterly accuse Kate?
(a) Allowing a potential husband to walk out the door.
(b) Stealing Hawk away from her.
(c) Manipulating the situation in order to be alone with Hawk and thereby advance her position at the expense of the Wititterlys.
(d) Not caring enough about wealth.

14. Mrs. Nickleby and Miss LaCreevy appear with luggage. To where are Kate and Mrs. Nickleby in the process of moving?
(a) Back to Miss LaCreevy's.
(b) To a flat in London.
(c) To a new home.
(d) To their home in the country.

15. Why do Kate and Mrs. Nickleby visit an invalid named Mrs. Wititterly?
(a) Mrs. Wititterly has advertised for a companion.
(b) To care for her.
(c) To see if she needs anything.
(d) To bring her food.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hawk respond when Kate tells him how intensely she dislikes him?

2. The next day, we see whose offices?

3. As the rest of the company leaves, what does Nicholas confess to Smike?

4. What does Mrs. Grudden give Nicholas?

5. What happens when Squeers mentions Smike to Ralph?

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