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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This is the first of several scenes detailing what?
(a) Kate's unpleasant life.
(b) Mrs. Nickleby's new career.
(c) Nicholas' enjoyment of his time at Dotheboys Hall.
(d) The unpleasant life at Dotheboys Hall.

2. At the close of the first performance of Nicholas' new play, who visits him?
(a) Smike.
(b) Mr. Lillyvick.
(c) John.
(d) Ralph.

3. What does Noggs show Kate and Mrs. Nickleby?
(a) His home.
(b) Their new shop.
(c) A picture of Mr. Nickleby.
(d) Their depressing new home.

4. In a roadside tavern, Nicholas and Smike learn with dismay that not only is it still twelve miles to Portsmouth, but what?
(a) The Landlord has neither food nor shelter he can give them.
(b) They have no more money.
(c) There are no carriages headed that way.
(d) There is no room for them to stay in Portsmouth.

5. Who is the owner of Kate's new place of work?
(a) Madame Mantalini.
(b) Madame Morris.
(c) Madame Maurissaut.
(d) Madame Matthews.

6. What does the owner of the shop promise Kate?
(a) A long work day.
(b) A good salary.
(c) An easy job.
(d) A place to sleep.

7. What does Madame Mantalini also announce?
(a) She wants Kate to continue to work for her.
(b) She is quitting her job.
(c) She is having a child.
(d) She is separating from Mr. Mantalini.

8. Who is Miss LaCreevy?
(a) A crazy woman who wanders the streets.
(b) A painter of miniature portraits.
(c) The Nicklebys' aunt.
(d) A school mistress.

9. Why does Nicholas slip away after the wedding?
(a) He received a letter.
(b) He is anxious to learn the role of Romeo.
(c) He is not happy about the wedding.
(d) He is not feeling well.

10. When Pupker gives Nicholas a list of things to do, how does Nicholas react?
(a) He walks out.
(b) He asks Pupker what he will be doing while he is doing all the work.
(c) He asks what Pupker would like done first.
(d) He returns the list back to Pupker, telling him he is not interested.

11. Friar Lawrence arrives with what news?
(a) The Apothecary is dead.
(b) Mercutio is not dead either.
(c) Tybalt is not dead.
(d) Mercutio is dead.

12. What does Mrs. Kenwigs suggest that Miss Petowker do for everyone?
(a) Perform.
(b) Pass out dessert.
(c) Leave.
(d) Make dinner.

13. The Kenwigs ask Nicholas to stay. How does he respond?
(a) He cannot stay.
(b) He would be glad to stay.
(c) He does not want to stay.
(d) He is tired, dirty, and wants to rest.

14. Who represents the wealthy industrial classes?
(a) Crowl, Noggs and Brooker.
(b) Kate, Mrs. Nickleby and Squeers.
(c) Kate, Noggs and Brooker.
(d) Ralph, Crowl and Noggs.

15. Where is Noggs expected?
(a) A birthday party.
(b) A suprise party.
(c) An anniversary party.
(d) A welcome home party.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Nickleby take her two children with her to see Ralph?

2. What do Mrs. Nickleby and Kate help Nicholas do, before he leaves for Dothesboys Hall?

3. Who sets off on a journey with Nicholas?

4. In addition to writing the new play, what is Nicholas to do?

5. Nicholas returns despondently to Noggs' rooms. What does Noggs have for him?

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