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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. These two go through the Mantalinis' things and reveal what?
(a) There is nothing of value.
(b) They came to the wrong house by mistake.
(c) The Mantalinis are to be taken in lieu of cash payment for a debt.
(d) The Mantalinis are nice people, and they have changed their mind and do not want to take their things.

2. What character enters the scene who is not in the original story of Romeo and Juliet?
(a) Romeo's Little Sister.
(b) Romeo's Little Brother.
(c) Juliet's Little Sister.
(d) Juliet's Little Brother.

3. Kate is alone when who arrives to repossess the Mantalinis' belongings?
(a) Hawk and Verisopht.
(b) Two rough-looking men called Scaley and Tix.
(c) Ralph and and large man.
(d) Tilda and Fanny.

4. What does Squeers do when leading a spelling lesson?
(a) He gives the students too many words.
(b) He purposely gives them words too difficult to spell.
(c) He falls asleep.
(d) He teaches the boys to spell incorrectly.

5. Melodramatic and overwrought, what does Mr. Mantalini do?
(a) He gets a pair of scissors and acts like he is going to kill his wife.
(b) He gets a pair of scissors and threatens to kill himself.
(c) He gets a pair of scissors and threatens these two.
(d) He pulls out a gun with which to shoot the two.

6. Why does Nicholas defend his employer to Fanny, Tilda and John?
(a) Out of interest in Fanny.
(b) Out of care for his employer.
(c) Out of loyalty.
(d) Out of care for his job.

7. Where does Nicholas say they are going?
(a) Dotheboys Hall.
(b) Devonshire.
(c) London.
(d) Portsmouth.

8. At the moment Kate left Ralph's, Ralph saw a resemblance to whom, in Kate's face?
(a) Her mother.
(b) A kind woman.
(c) His father.
(d) His dead younger brother, Kate's father.

9. Who is the owner of Kate's new place of work?
(a) Madame Morris.
(b) Madame Matthews.
(c) Madame Mantalini.
(d) Madame Maurissaut.

10. As Kate arrives what are the owners of the shop doing?
(a) Screaming.
(b) Arguing.
(c) Crying.
(d) Laughing.

11. What does the owner of the shop promise Kate?
(a) An easy job.
(b) A place to sleep.
(c) A good salary.
(d) A long work day.

12. What does Crowl volunteer to do?
(a) Tell the family that Noggs will not be attending the party.
(b) Go to the party in Noggs' place.
(c) Stay behind and keep an eye on Noggs' fire.
(d) Cook Noggs' dinner for him.

13. As Squeers and Mrs. Squeers discuss Nicholas, what happens to Fanny?
(a) She becomes angry.
(b) She becomes bored.
(c) She becomes intrigued.
(d) She becomes irritated.

14. What is odd about this place?
(a) Here it does not really have a name at all.
(b) It looks abandoned.
(c) Everyone looks angry.
(d) It is very quiet.

15. The action returns to what scene?
(a) In which the Nurse tells Juliet Romeo is gone.
(b) In which Romeo (played by Nicholas) is told that Juliet is dead, and vows with the help of the Apothecary to die next to her.
(c) In which Tybalt kills Mercutio.
(d) In which Romeo and Juliet meet.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pupker feel when he discovers that Nicholas is related to Ralph?

2. Where does this play take place?

3. Of what does Miss Knag accuse Kate?

4. As they prepare to move on, they encounter who?

5. What is revealed about Paris?

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