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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Lillyvick do when Mr. Kenwigs desperately pleads with him to stay?
(a) He asks for a favor of Mr. Kenwigs.
(b) He decides to stay.
(c) He cannot make up his mind.
(d) He leaves.

2. At the Mantalinis' workshop, who arrives to try on wedding bonnets?
(a) A young woman.
(b) Fanny.
(c) Tilda.
(d) An elderly lord and his young fiancee.

3. The action returns to what scene?
(a) In which Tybalt kills Mercutio.
(b) In which Romeo (played by Nicholas) is told that Juliet is dead, and vows with the help of the Apothecary to die next to her.
(c) In which the Nurse tells Juliet Romeo is gone.
(d) In which Romeo and Juliet meet.

4. What song does the Crummles Company sing?
(a) A silly song.
(b) A boring song.
(c) A happy song.
(d) A sad song.

5. When Pupker gives Nicholas a list of things to do, how does Nicholas react?
(a) He asks what Pupker would like done first.
(b) He returns the list back to Pupker, telling him he is not interested.
(c) He walks out.
(d) He asks Pupker what he will be doing while he is doing all the work.

6. When Squeers, Mrs. Squeers and Smike are gone, what does Nicholas do?
(a) He cries for Kate.
(b) Reads the letter from Noggs.
(c) He goes to his room.
(d) He sits on a bench and ponders his new life.

7. What does Ralph do to the two people who have been dealing with the Mantalinis?
(a) He ridicules them.
(b) He gives them their wages and congratulates them on a job well done.
(c) He throws them out.
(d) He sends them home to their husbands.

8. By what is this man distracted?
(a) A delegation from his political district.
(b) A letter from Fanny.
(c) A theater performance.
(d) His fear of the world.

9. What do Mr. and Mrs. Kenwigs do when Noggs arrives?
(a) They ignore him.
(b) They embrace him.
(c) They glare at him.
(d) They introduce him to their family.

10. To what does Ralph invite Kate?
(a) Out to dinner.
(b) To the theater.
(c) To be hostess at a party he is giving the next night.
(d) To meet his family.

11. As they prepare to move on, they encounter who?
(a) Mr. Lillyvick.
(b) Peg.
(c) Vincent Crummles.
(d) John.

12. What does Kate ask Ralph?
(a) If she could have her own place.
(b) Whether she is to live at home.
(c) Where she will be living.
(d) Why he is so cruel.

13. This is the first of several scenes detailing what?
(a) Mrs. Nickleby's new career.
(b) Kate's unpleasant life.
(c) The unpleasant life at Dotheboys Hall.
(d) Nicholas' enjoyment of his time at Dotheboys Hall.

14. Miss Snevellicci and Nicholas do what for the company?
(a) Direct the plays.
(b) Canvas for financial support.
(c) Write the plays.
(d) Make costumes.

15. Why is this man worried about how the Kenwigs will react to the news of his love interest?
(a) He has no money to give to Miss Petowker.
(b) The inheritance they were expecting will now be Miss Petowker's.
(c) They will forbid his marriage.
(d) They will not be happy to know he loves their daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Kate poses for Miss LaCreevy, what do they discuss?

2. These two go through the Mantalinis' things and reveal what?

3. How does Kate's first fitting go?

4. How does Pupker feel when he discovers that Nicholas is related to Ralph?

5. Paris challenges Romeo, they fight, and what happens?

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