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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who represents the wealthy industrial classes?
(a) Kate, Noggs and Brooker.
(b) Kate, Mrs. Nickleby and Squeers.
(c) Crowl, Noggs and Brooker.
(d) Ralph, Crowl and Noggs.

2. Who is Miss LaCreevy?
(a) The Nicklebys' aunt.
(b) A crazy woman who wanders the streets.
(c) A school mistress.
(d) A painter of miniature portraits.

3. When Squeers, Mrs. Squeers and Smike are gone, what does Nicholas do?
(a) He cries for Kate.
(b) He goes to his room.
(c) He sits on a bench and ponders his new life.
(d) Reads the letter from Noggs.

4. As soon as the members of the company discover that Nicholas is a playwright, what do they do?
(a) Ask about auditions for his plays.
(b) Start asking him which parts they will be play in the new play.
(c) Begin to ignore him.
(d) Want his autograph.

5. Back at Dotheboys, what is Squeers doing to Smike?
(a) Teasing him.
(b) Calling for him.
(c) Whipping him.
(d) Torturing him.

6. At the moment Kate left Ralph's, Ralph saw a resemblance to whom, in Kate's face?
(a) Her mother.
(b) His father.
(c) A kind woman.
(d) His dead younger brother, Kate's father.

7. To what does Ralph invite Kate?
(a) To meet his family.
(b) To the theater.
(c) Out to dinner.
(d) To be hostess at a party he is giving the next night.

8. Into what does this final tableau for Romeo and Juliet transform?
(a) A first tableau for this play.
(b) A first tableau for A Christmas Carol.
(c) A final tableau for this play.
(d) A final tableau for A Christmas Carol.

9. Ignoring Kate's discomfort, Hawk and Verisopht joke about what?
(a) Their taste in women.
(b) Her brother.
(c) Her presence almost makes the extra interest Ralph is charging them worthwhile.
(d) Alcohol and other vile habits.

10. Why does Mrs. Nickleby take her two children with her to see Ralph?
(a) Her husband is spending time with his brother.
(b) She wants to visit her husband's brother.
(c) Ralph has invited them to visit.
(d) Her husband has died and left her penniless.

11. What does the owner of the shop promise Kate?
(a) A place to sleep.
(b) A good salary.
(c) A long work day.
(d) An easy job.

12. Who is the older Nickleby son?
(a) Ralph.
(b) Smike.
(c) Nicholas.
(d) John.

13. What does Smike say to Nicholas when he comes across him on a road to London?
(a) You are my hero.
(b) You are a great man.
(c) You are crazy.
(d) You are my home.

14. Miss Snevellicci and Nicholas do what for the company?
(a) Make costumes.
(b) Canvas for financial support.
(c) Direct the plays.
(d) Write the plays.

15. What does Nicholas do to Squeers?
(a) He ignores him.
(b) He grabs him and beats him with the whipping stick.
(c) He pushes him out of the way.
(d) He yells at him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the Infant Phenomenon?

2. What does Mrs. Kenwigs suggest that Miss Petowker do for everyone?

3. Seeing Kate getting more uncomfortable as the men get raunchier, Hawk interrupts, expressing what belief?

4. When Madame Mantalini and Miss Knag arrive, what announcement is made?

5. This is the first of several scenes detailing what?

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