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1. In the prologue, the reader is introduced to a fugitive who stole embryos from his place of work, a research lab. What possible motives might the fugitive have had and do you agree with those motives?

I disagree with the fugitive's motives, regardless of what they are. Although he may have needed money or needed the embryos themselves, the embryos were not his property to take. Also, the embryos might be dangerous in the wrong hands.

2. The book focuses on bio research, as is made clear in the prologue. What are some of the potential benefits of bio research?

Bio research is a wonderful way to learn about the way animals and people function. It can lead to cures for various ailments and problems and, in some cases can even lead to the creation of new cross breeds or genetically altered animals. For example, bio research can be one step in the process of breeding certain undesirable traits out of or desirable traits into animals.

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